Letter from Derek – January 11, 2009
By Marci Lewellen on January 19th, 2009

Dear Friends,

Right now, as you gather to celebrate the work of justice the Lord is bringing forth at IHOP through the spirit of adoption, I am on a 16 hr train ride in Eastern Europe.  In four hours I will arrive in Novograd Valenski where our precious three boys are waiting.  They don’t even understand what is about to happen to them.  The infinite grace of God, and our weak but sincere yes to that grace, is about to make the difference between life and death for these boys.  They are about to dramatically transition from the bleak landscape of mere survival, into the warmth and light of a Godly future of hope and joy.

At the same time, you all are gathering in what I believe to be a holy moment before the Lord.  You are coming together to commence a justice movement of adoption that will transform the lives of thousands.  Your children, you have yet to meet, will be forever changed.  In this environment of life, prayer, and the washing of the word, you will lead them to Jesus, they will be redeemed and restored, and they will rise into their great end-time calling, to prepare the way for the coming of the Lord.  You too will be changed profoundly.  You will face your weakness and insufficiency in ways you never have before.  Your faith will be stretched and tested.  You will cry and perhaps scream at times out of frustration, and as you embrace an ever increasing awareness of your spiritual poverty, you will possess more of the kingdom.  You will also understand the Father’s heart in new, glorious ways.  The truths of the incarnation, redemption and the splendor of the sacrifice of Christ will have fresh and profound meaning to you as you partner in the rescue and restoration of the orphan.  This is not just foster care or adoption, this is salvation, discipleship, and leadership training.  What you are stepping into is the end-time spirit of adoption, the spirit of Elijah, the first ripples of the great end-time harvest.  You are forerunners, you are prophets, you are a sign and a wonder.

Many of you are preparing to become family support staff.  You are adding to the harp and bowl, the towel and the bowel.  This end-time movement of adoption is not possible without you.  You will be mentors to these broken little ones.  You too will flow in the grace of the Father’s love and learn what it means to love what is not yours until it is.  You will wash the feet of these children and these parents daily.  There is no greater calling than servanthood, and as you give and serve in mundane ways you will find you have a greater companion than you ever dreamed of, for on the floor next to you, with his hands also in dirty water, is the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, the Lion and the Lamb, your friend Jesus.  The children that are being brought in need you, the parents opening their hearts and families need you.  You are the first wave of an army of young adults, arising from a generation of fatherlessness, turning your heart to the children, and as a result, their hearts will turn to you and they will look to you as spiritual mothers and fathers, and that is in truth who you are.

I want to thank all of you for your willingness, your faith, and your obedience.  I am excited about the road ahead of us, and when we face the many obstacles, twists and turns in that road, we will lock arms, lean into the sufficiency of Christ, and He will bring us to our expected end.

Much love and blessings!


January 19th, 2009

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