An Update from the Loux Family
By Marci Lewellen on February 6th, 2009
Our little Ethan has pneumonia, a very enlarged heart and a hole in his heart. He is scheduled to see the doctor again on Friday morning. We will be consulting with a specialist to have a date set for surgery on his heart. We will have more updates after our visit with the doctor. Thanks to all of you who have been praying. This little one has been through a lot and on top of all that he’s dealing with physically, he contracted chicken pox from the orphanage he was in. Most of the children in the orphanage had chicken pox when we left Ukraine. We would appreciate your continued prayers.
Ethan weighed 11 pounds at 5 years old when we first arrived home from Ukraine a little over a week ago. After one week at home, he weighs a whopping 15 pounds!! We are excited about this and thanking the Lord for helping him to gain weight! Ethan still can’t suck so we have to give him water and juice through a dropper. He’s a good eater though and is showing improvement daily!
Silas is just Mr. Happy, all the time! He loves to dance, sing and play all his new little instruments! He’s eating well, no problems at all, and enjoying all the love that he is getting from his new family! He has a doctor’s appointment this Friday as well and we will be able to update you on whatever challenges lay ahead for this precious little angel!
We love you all!

Sasha would take over the house if he could. He is so funny. He loves to tell us what to do, even though it’s all in Ukrainian. He’s eating fairly well. Meal time can get pretty noisy around here, especially if Sasha doesn’t like something. Sasha loves anything electronic and we are sure that one day he will be a scientist or an engineer! He is so bright! He loves to dance (with his arms, his legs are paralyzed). Our daughter, Teyolla has been teaching him a few smooth moves!”

Note: Ethan is feeling much better. His chicken pox have all gone down! PRAISE GOD!!! He has been sleeping well the last couple of nights! Thank you all for your prayers!

February 6th, 2009

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