John & Tracie Loux Family Adoption Update
By Marci Lewellen on April 7th, 2009
John & Tracie Loux Entire Family

John & Tracie Loux Entire Family

The John & Tracie Loux family arrived safely home from Ukraine with their precious little ones on March 25th.  They are so blown away by the faithfulness of God through their entire adoption process.  They spent 35 days in Ukraine and on March 6th they became Aiden Joseph Loux and Emma Anastasia Loux. John & Tracie came home March 7th for a 10 day break and returned on March 17th to bring their sweet ones HOME!

AidenAiden Joseph means “a little flame that will be enlarged.” The Loux’s believe that Aiden’s life will be a beautiful reflection of the Father’s heart to others. They believe that he will set the hearts of many ablaze with the spirit of adoption as they see Aiden’s precious life and are touched by his incredible spirit. He is a very special little boy.  Aiden turned 3 on March 1st. John & Tracie were able to celebrate his 3rd birthday with him at the orphanage. Aiden has Down Syndrome and is scheduled for his first pediatrician’s appointment on April 30th. From there, they will move forward, as they expect to be referred to specialists who will direct them in giving him the best possible care. He is adjusting well to life in his new home with his new family. He is bonding well to the entire family and has brought so much laughter and joy to their home!

EmmaEmma Anastasia means “total, complete restoration.” Her name was given to them before they met her or knew a single thing about her. Emma was born to a mother who drank alcohol during her pregnancy and has been diagnosed with Mycroencephaly. They believe that regardless of the damage and delays brought on by FAS (Fetal Alcohol Syndrome), that God will completely restore Emma’s body, mind, and spirit.  Emma has blossomed in the past two months. They are already seeing fear and anxiety being washed out of her little heart. Anyone who has met her has been touched by her precious smile and her beautiful eyes.  She has bonded well with them and with her siblings. She is thriving here, and daily they are seeing improvements.  She will also see their pediatrician on April 30th, and they are anxious to move forward with whatever therapies are recommended for her.

The KiddosIn the midst of adjusting to life with six children and establishing new routines, they are just so blessed that the Father has seen fit to bring these precious ones into their family. Before time began, He knew them by name. Before time began, He began to write the story of their lives. And according to His mercy, He saw fit to allow their stories to merge with theirs and become one.  They marvel at the hand of God, that He reached down with all of His love and tenderness, and ushered Emma and Aiden into their home- restoring them and giving them a hope and a future. They rejoice that He has allowed them to call the kids their own.

John & Tracie are so grateful for the love and support of the OJC team, OJC families, and their incredible Family Support Staff. They are so glad that they are doing this as a community and that they are surrounded by such an incredible support system!

April 7th, 2009

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