Upcoming Training: How to ID a trafficked child
By Marci Lewellen on April 17th, 2009

Come help us learn how to IDENTIFY trafficked children and NOTIFY authorities effectively!  OJC is participating in a new national certification training program on May 24th from 10am-6pm (more details coming soon).  To learn more about this training, email Marci Lewellen at  This training is required for all OJC Families and Family Support Staff.

Many children and teens are not correctly IDENTIFIED as victims of severe forms of trafficking, thus the appropriate NOTIFICATION is not initiated that will open the door to the specialized care programs they require.

There must be awareness and training that empowers care givers, law enforcement, child service providers, foster families and other professionals with the training and tools to correctly IDENTIFY and NOTIFY the victims of this atrocity.

This full certification program develops strategies and actions in the following areas.

  • Who determines a child has been trafficked?
  • What reactions do I look for when I suspect a child is exploited?
  • How do I identify a trafficked child from a runaway, throwaway, abused or neglected child?
  • How do I treat a trafficked child in the rescuing stage?
  • What do we do with trafficked children after they are rescued?
  • What problems do we encounter as rescuers?
  • Why are trafficked children wrongly identified?
  • Why do we need specialized skills in identifying trafficked children?
  • Who needs to be be notified and how?

Going through this training will allow you to be nationally certified in Human Trafficking ID. We would love for you to join us in this training.

April 17th, 2009

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