Funny Angel!!
By Marci Lewellen on April 29th, 2009

blueangelTHANK YOU to one of our OJC Families for showing love for Jesus and his children! This family just went through one of the best and yet most painful experiences. They took in a 3.5 year old foster child. The boy came into their home as police protective custody. Abuse, neglect – yeah, pretty bad stuff. Anyway, he stole the family’s heart. It was hard at first and his main vocabulary was swear words. But over the days he was here LOVE WON! They saw an amazing, amazing transformation in this little guy just loving him and adding some consistent structure and discipline. It was truly such a God-thing and they loved seeing love transform his little heart – way beyond anything they could have hoped for, that’s for sure!

Unfortunately due to system issues beyond the family’s control, after one week of living with the family the boy had to be taken to another family. That didn’t work out and he was then taken to live with his Aunt – and that is at least something he knows and something familiar to him. One amazing thing that happened was that about 4 blocks from dropping him off at the family’s house, he went wild in the car saying that the angel at the front of the car scared him. They had been sharing with the little guy about God but they figured he was now just seeing something that ‘looked’ like an angel, so they tried to explain it away, but he was adamant. Then all of a sudden, he starts cracking up and was like, ‘Funny Angel….him being funny!’ and he was laughing in the back seat and kept talking about the funny angel. They just looked at each other in awe !

In the end, they know how adamant he was about it and they’re both so confident that God was going before him, was surrounding him, and would take care of this little guy who had stolen their hearts! The family thanks everyone for the prayers and support through this experience and ask for more for their future foster/adoption experiences!

April 29th, 2009

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