Kobie Got Saved!!!
By Marci Lewellen on February 22nd, 2010

Rachel and Lucas Shivers - Maliek left and Kobie right

On February 16th one of our beloved OJC families, the Shivers, testified that their foster child Kobie gave his life to the Lord!  Kobie is eleven years old, and he and his younger brother have been staying with their wonderful foster parents Lucas and Rachel for some time now.  In the past few months, Kobie has been opening up to talk about God and asking the Shivers’ team of Family Support Staff (FSS) many questions.  He had heard the Gospel from each of them many times but has been fairly closed off to it.  Then, a little over a week ago, an FSS team member named Jeff Mootz was spending time with the boys and this is his account of what happened:

The two boys and I started reading the Bible before bed, and in my Bible they saw a picture of my sister getting baptized.  I told them that she had been baptized as a young girl but had since stopped following Jesus.  Kobie asked me what baptism was and I told him.  He said that he wanted to be baptized into Jesus’ life, be with Him forever, and that he wanted to speak in tongues.  I asked him if he had ever given his life to Jesus and he said no but that he wanted to give it to Him now.  He said he wanted to follow Jesus, obey Him, and let Jesus enjoy him.

Kobie followed me in prayer right there in his bed and then I prayed the Holy Spirit would fill him and baptize him.  We prayed together, celebrated his new spiritual birthday, and then he ended the time apologizing to his brother for some mean things he had done to him.  The Holy Spirit filled the room with joy as we prayed, and we were all three laughing.  Kobie then told me that he felt like his mission in life was to tell people about God.  What a great night!!

February 22nd, 2010

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