Sending Out Stephanie
By Marci Lewellen on March 16th, 2010

One of our most precious staff members at the Orphan Justice Center, Stephanie Mummert, is being sent out this May to bring the good news of the Father’s love to orphans in Thailand.  She will be going with an organization called Ezekiel Rain that was founded by a group of people who desired to take Derek Loux’s vision of restoring orphans through the love of Christ to one of the hardest places on earth.  We will miss her very much, but we know the Lord has awesome things in store for her and that He is going to use her mightily.  Here’s a word from Stephanie:

I remember hearing Derek Loux share a vision for an orphan house of prayer in Thailand at the end of 2008.  Tears filled my eyes as he spoke, and I thought, “How I wish I could do this, but there’s no way.”  Then, in February of 2009, I was asked by the Orphan Justice Center if I’d be interested in carrying  the vision of OJC to Thailand by helping to establish an orphanage/house of prayer there for trafficked children.  A prayer answered!

Derek had just gotten back from a team trip to Thailand.  One of the team members was Joel Karum, who had grown up in Thailand as the son of missionaries.  During those two weeks, Joel saw into Derek’s heart for the trafficked victims and together, they dreamed of an orphanage house of prayer that could rescue and restore children.  Not only would these children be rescued and given a safe place to live, but they would be trained to minister before the Lord through worship and prayer. It didn’t take long before Joel and his wife realized they were being called to pick up Derek’s vision and run with it. Joel shared this with Derek and requested, that if they go, he would send them intercessory missionaries.  Derek agreed and that’s when I came in!

I have always had a heart for children and orphans.  At age 12, I had a vision to start a home for girls who needed a safe place to stay and receive counseling due to the painful issues that were arising from their family. Though the outworking of this vision has looked different at times over the years, I have never let go of it. I know that these children can only be set free in the love and power of God.  Carrying this vision has shaped my life’s direction.

I firmly believe that where we see houses of prayer established we will see the manifest presence of God moving in that area.  All of this has culminated in my joining with Joel’s team, Ezekiel Rain, and running with Derek’s vision to see children rescued and restored from human trafficking.

If you would like to find out more about Stephanie, please visit her blog or find her on Facebook.  You can partner with her financially here:

For more information on Ezekiel Rain, please visit their website at

March 16th, 2010

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