By Marci Lewellen on March 24th, 2010

GRANDVIEW, Mo. – Three months ago Tuesday, Derek Loux died in a car crash.  He was sitting in the passenger seat with the driver hit black ice in Nebraska.  Derek, who was just 37-years-old, died instantly.

Derek was a minister and musician at the International House of Prayer.

Back home in Grandview, his wife Renee, two biological daughters and eight adopted children mourned his loss but vowed to continue his vision.

“Our personal goal when Derek was still alive was to take in 30 children,” Renee said. “And I’m still carrying that torch.”

The couple met on the Marshall Islands in the South Pacific.  That’s where they adopted their identical twin daughters, Teyolla and Keyolla.  And so the Adoption Revolution began.

“He was a rock for all of us and he was the love of my life and the most incredible father on the planet,” Renee said. “The gap that’s left behind is enormous.”

The family adopted three more daughters from the Islands, one who had to go through four life threatening back surgeries.  They also adopted three special needs sons from the Ukraine.  Ethan was just 11 pounds when he was adopted at age 5.   Renee and Derek weren’t sure he would make it home on the plane.  But today, he’s 7 years old and up to a healthy weight.

Losing Derek has been incredibly tough on the family.  On any given day, someone is likely crying.  But Renee says they are committed to their mission.

“It’s amazing and it’s hard and it’s fun and it’s crazy all in one,” Renee said. “And I just feel over the top blessed because I do have amazing children.”

Renee runs the Orphan Justice Center which guides other families through the adoption process.  Balancing her organization and her house full of children is challenging but she has a team of regular staffers.  She also gets financial help from charities and religious groups of all backgrounds.

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March 24th, 2010

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