10 Easy Ways to Care for Orphans
By on June 24th, 2010

In America, the task of caring for orphans (which I define here as any young person who has lost their parents through death, abandonment, abuse or neglect) for the most part has been given over to the government and to some whose heart has been moved to action. Most Americans think that adoption is a great thing, but less than 4% of American families have actually adopted according to the National Center for Health Statistics.

In the scriptures we see over and over again God’s heart of justice for the fatherless and His command for all christians to care for orphans. However, much of the church in America has adopted a similar cultural norm of pushing this responsibility off to others and allowing the government to take the lead role.

So I thought I would give 10 easy ways to care for orphans in an ongoing way.

1. Pray for them

When you pray for orphans and for families who are adopting, you are partnering with God’s heart in such an incredible way. In Luke 18 Jesus says that those who cry out night and day will have “speedy justice.”

2. Partner Financially with the Orphan Justice Center

We are building a team of partners who want to see an adoption revolution. Our mission is to rescue, adopt and restore orphaned children and our partners are an integral part of making this happen. Click here to become an OJC Partner >.

3. Give Finances to Adoptive Families

We have families in the OJC family who are currently adopting and you may also know families who are adopting. Adoptions range from $7,000 – $30,000 so it really does take a community to rescue a life.

4. Help raise funds for Adoptive Families

The task of fundraising for adoption is a hurdle sometimes for adoptive families. Having people who will help raise those funds makes a huge difference for both the child and the family.

5. Give your time to help an adoptive family

At OJC we have people who are committed to giving their time and energy to help adoptive families. We call them FIA’s (Family Integration Advocates). They also give time and energy to training and becoming skilled in child development and caring for orphans who have come from less than optimal circumstances. You may have an organization that does this in a different way through mentoring or big brother / big sister. Either way, giving your time to care for a child can change their life forever. Click here for more information on becoming a FIA >.

6. Volunteer 2-4 hours a week/month with a Organization that Helps Orphans

Many organizations that help orphans have ways that you can volunteer hours a week or hours a month. This can be anything from mowing a lawn, delivering food, helping with paperwork or providing respite care.

7. Volunteer to mow an adoptive families’ lawn

Don’t want to bother with an organization? Get involved yourself. Ask if you can mow a lawn, wash a car or help with a household project they are working on. Any amount of help you can give will go a long way for families who have adopted.

8. Sell unwanted household items on ebay and donate the proceeds

Again finances is an easy way to help, so find some unwanted household items… or even some valuable stuff and downsize! Donate that $50 you got from selling an end table or the $500 you got from selling that toolbox. Even a small gift goes a long way.

9. Ask your church to sponsor an orphan monthly or give towards an adoption.

Your church may already have adoption support on their radar, but if they don’t you can suggest it as a mission project! Saving the life of an orphan from an abusive, neglectful or abandoned situation will change their life forever. What better ongoing mission project than to get to the end of the year knowing your church has rescued x number of orphans!

10. Become an Adoptive or Foster Family

Consider becoming an adoptive or foster family. Visit an adoption agency or attend an adoption or foster care info meeting and find out more about adopting a child. You’ll find that adoption is easy. It’s not something that comes naturally, it may take some training and preparation and will stretch you like nothing else. But it’s putting one foot in front of the other and taking one step at a time. Adoption must be done and children need families, why not yours? Click here to find out more about becoming an OJC Family >.

June 24th, 2010
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