Rescued, Adopted, and being Restored – my journey….
By Telma Loux on June 25th, 2010

I grew up going to church and living the normal everyday life. I knew about Jesus, His crucifixion, etc. but I never really had a relationship with Him. I came to fully know Jesus when I was 12, living in the states with my adoptive family! From that day on, my relationship with Him has been amazing! I have never loved Him more. He is and will always be mine and everything I am and own belongs to Him!

I was born in the Marshall Islands. My birth parents gave me away to another family when I was just 3 months old. I was born with scoliosis so I came to the U.S. 8 years ago because I needed medical care. My understanding of God started when I went in for my first surgery in 2003. My adoptive parents, Derek and Renee Loux, didn’t know how they were going to pay for all my medical bills, but they knew that God had a reason for everything and that He would make a way. So, with faith, we did it! God provided money, and my parents were able to pay for all four of my surgeries. I knew then that there really was a God that cared about me. My dad and mom were leading a House of Prayer in Indianapolis Indiana back then, and it was the first time I was ever introduced to prayer and worship! I didn’t understand it all at the time but it opened my heart up for intercession. In summer of 05, God called my family to Kansas City to be a part of the House of Prayer, so we moved and I’ve lived here since! I have learned so much just from going to the Prayer Room, being involved with worship teams, youth groups, and small groups.

Specifically the past year or two, God has been teaching me about who He is, as my Friend and my Father. Growing up in the Islands, I didn’t have a dad, so for me to picture God, as my Father was hard because I didn’t know what it was like to have a father. I can only say that because Derek and Renee adopted me, God allowed me to experience His amazing love as a daughter and feel the feeling of being loved. Derek was such an amazing dad and for 8 solid years, the message he carried and the way he lived his life gave me a glimpse of God as my heavenly Father, One who truly cares and loves me even if the way I live my life isn’t right. I know that God saw me through the good and the bad, and He has helped me so much to realize that “He will never leave nor forsake me…” but He’s close and ever so near to my heart, and I can fully rely and trust Him!

I was an orphan adopted into an amazing family! I know that God is calling me to be a voice for the voiceless and to be a living testimony of an orphan raised up in the prayer movement. Mother Teresa has been one of my heroes because of the way she lived her life, being the hands and feet of Jesus for the unwanted, unloved, tattered and broken children of India. I know what it’s like to not have a dad, a permanent place to call home, a loving family, a good church community, great friends, and so I have such a deep passion and desire to help, love and care for these children. Being adopted, knowing that I’m safe and loved really brought so much healing for my heart, especially of my past and the way I grew up. Adoption really changed the course of my life. I know that somewhere out there in the world, there is a little girl or a little boy dying to be held, loved, feel the warmth, comfort and safety of a mommy and daddy. I can’t imagine my life somewhere else other than here, with my family and an amazing community of people!

Therefore, I’m calling you, my friends, to reach out to those who are in need and walk out James 1:27 Pure and undefiled religion in the sight of our God and Father is this: to visit orphans and widows in their distress, to keep oneself unstained by the world.”



June 25th, 2010
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