Carry the Torch
By on August 13th, 2010

The Loux Boys

From Renee Loux….

I am blown away by God’s love for the orphan and how He will go to any length to get us to hear His voice and to act.

It’s finally quiet in my little house – everyone is asleep. I’ve been crying for an hour…as I have gone from room to room looking at all my children sleeping….thinking about all God has done to help us rescue each of them. Each one perfect and unique in his or her own way. I am beyond honored to be the Mama of these beautiful children.

Staying in a house that doesn’t have a whole lot of space is such a small price to pay to help them all. I am embracing the fact that Jesus wanted Derek in heaven to help us. Derek is now able to understand, with so much more clarity and wisdom, how to pray for us and how to move heaven on our behalf through those prayers. I miss him like crazy…it hurts, but I can say, it’s all been worth it, for the sake of the children who are yet to be rescued and saved. Jesus is good, He is faithful and He will move and act on our behalf….

I’m so honored to have all of you in my life. Outside of the first Commandment, there couldn’t be a greater calling in my book… I’m speechless and humbled by God and how He has entrusted us with this message. Jesus, help us as we carry the torch with great faith, wisdom and humility of heart, knowing it’s you that works on our behalf and it’s You that will come and rule and reign in justice. You WILL make all the wrong things right! Until then, with your help, we will work faithfully to do our part.

August 13th, 2010
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