The Playfulness of God
By on September 12th, 2010

God invites us to twirl with Him when no ones looking, and when everyone is looking.

Hello OJC Friends.

As you may know, the Justice Fellowship started a week ago.  It has been an intense week. We have been pressing into God’s heart for Justice and if you do that for an extended time – it really leaves you undone.  I am feeling that now – gazing into His big heart of compassion and then seeing it echoed in the beautiful spirits of each Justice Fellow.  In my prayer time for them, I cry before the Lord, because He has allowed us this gift of being a small part of such magnificent destinies.

You will see what I mean when you read this post by Whitney Hand.  You can read her other posts at

The Playfulness of GodI was apart of a Prayer Room Restore event today. We were to teach the children how to behold Jesus. When I first went on the journey of beholding Jesus, I gained reference from the beloved scripture King David wrote in Psalm 27:4, “One thing I have desired of the Lord, that will I seek: That I may dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of my life, to behold to beauty of the Lord, and to inquire in His temple.”

What does beholding really mean anyways? Well I am 28 and it took me years to even practically try and understand what that meant, and I’m still just at the beginning. And so when I was assigned to my beautiful 3 yr old girl, my first thought was how am I supposed to show this precious gift of God how to behold her Maker.

So we talked about what worship was. When I was three I don’t remember understanding what worship was but these children amazed me by their answers. We came to the conclusion that singing, twirling, and praying were all apart of worshiping Jesus. So we decided to go into the prayer room and practice these very things.

(Let me just put in right here, that I am not a dancer! I don’t mind jumping up and down with hundreds around me are doing the same thing but not alone!) So we take these precious gifts of God into the dance box and I watched my little girl twirl and twirl and twirl. And then she reached out her hands inviting me to dance with her.  She was so excited to dance. I ask her who she was dancing for and she said, “Jesus!” In that little statement, I was getting a glimpse of the Father’s invitation to children revealing His playful spirit. Playfulness is the Gateway into Intimacy. Dancing, twirling, singing, jumping up and down, were opening up the hearts of these little ones into the playfulness and delight of God’s Heart.

God is a happy God with a happy heart, who is completely and utterly for us! He invites us into His presence through enjoying us and allowing us to enjoy Him. He invites us to twirl with Him when no ones looking, and everyone’s looking. He invites us to believe Him and find joy in Him.

Because of these children, I was able to behold a piece of the Father’s heart I had yet had the freedom to go.  I was able to delight in the Father, as he was delighting in the worship of His children. I was able to find freedom into the playfulness of His heart in the place of worship. He is inviting each and every one of us (all His children) to behold every facet of his heart, even his playfulness when no one is looking, and when everyone is looking. Let’s behold Jesus together, as we show those who have no voice to behold their Maker!


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