Learning To Love
By on September 20th, 2010

“Could I lay a loving embrace on a kid who reeked of urine, had poop smeared all over himself – and on top of that he hated me.”

Hey world – meet Jake Boehne, a student in the Justice Fellowship.  Jake is one of those people who doesn’t talk a lot but he walks the walk.  His heart is huge and he has so much mercy and compassion for hurting children.  Jake has been serving OJC families for over a year and he has made a huge difference!  He has so much insight into God’s heart for children, as you will see in his blog below.

I find all of Jake’s blog posts so good.  You can read the others at

Learning to love as the Father loves…

Jacob BoehneIn recent days I’ve sat back and asked myself, could I lay a loving embrace on a kid who reeked of urine, had poop smeared all over himself – and on top of that he hated me. These questions stemmed out of a foster care class I attended on how to heal the heart of high-risk children. As outrageous as it sounds, for a young child to pee on himself and spread his own feces across his body, is a testimony of many children. This act is a primitive cry for protection. It’s like a skunk – if you smell nasty no one will desire you.  Many children who act out in this way, are victims of ritual sexual and physical abuse. That young, broken, confused child figures out if they cause their self to be so rancid that the abuser, and all other people unworthy of their trust, (which happens to be everyone) will not come anywhere near them.

As I meditated on this reality, a few things came to me.

One: God give me grace to see people as you see them. Teach me to hug that kid covered in urine. Look into their eyes with love. Tell them how precious they are. All it takes is the love of Jesus and one person to gain the trust of that child. Lunging them back into a healthy view of who they were made to be and how they were made to live.

Two: I am covered in crap. The stench of sin and death smeared from head to toe, mind and spirit. Well at least before the Lord drew near, cleansing me in His blood. He embraced me in love and washed me white as snow. I no longer carry that rank as hell smell of sin. I am clothed in the righteousness of Christ. I am a sweet smelling incense to my God. The Lord in all His glory and humility comes down to hug and set free all us angry ol’ kids covered in far worse than feces.

Three: Jesus died for us while we were still sinners. He made the steps to reconcile us to Him. He drew near to us, so that we could draw near to him.

He invites us to be seated with Him in heavenly places.

He invites us, all of us, to be the temple of Himself – the living God.


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