Someone Is Waiting On The Other Side of Obedience
By on October 1st, 2010

C-HOPRusty and Jen Geverdt are great friends and are leaders of C-HOP, the Cincinnati House of Prayer. This is a piece of their story…

Yesterday it happened: the social worker called with a 10-month-old girl in need of immediate foster care. “Are you willing to take her?” she asked Jen. With hand held over the phone she asked me, “Are we willing? My first response was, “Yep, bring her on.” And with hardly a thought we committed ourselves to the glorious impossible. There’s a difference between being “willing” and being “ready” to respond when God comes calling. It really wasn’t a spur of the moment decision for us. We’d felt a prompting and spent a year taking classes, getting a homestudy, doing what it took to be able to answer such a call. We’re a family who may never have great amounts of resource, so we decided to spend what we did have…love! We’re tapped into a limitless supply, rich in love, because He who IS love lives in us.

However, as we sat through that first 3-hour class, listening to heart-wrenching stories, and glancing at the people around us, I really wondered if we had heard rightly in this whole thing. It seemed so hard, so broken, so much more than we could handle. Checking my phone messages at the break, I found, to my amazement, that a friend had felt impressed to call me right then recommending a book entitled: Who Cares for Orphans, Widows, the Poor and Oppressed? God Does… Do We? By Derek Prince.  I couldn’t believe how timely that message was. It was a confirmation that we were aimed correctly. We drove home encouraged. We had committed to get prepared to answer God should He call, and it appeared that He was acknowledging our effort. And then we waited….

After many months the “God call” finally came. Our daughter, Abbey, was beaming at the news. She had had a dream a few nights before, where we had received a phone call and a little girl was placed with us. At that very moment, the social worker was on her way to our house with a baby with virtually the same name. I couldn’t believe it when she told me!!! The Father was arranging something for us, for her, if only for a time, that would be eternally meaningful. I’ve heard it said that, “Someone is always waiting on the other side of obedience.” Well maybe, just maybe, this precious one was waiting on our obedience to the tug of the Lord. I don’t understand it all, but I want to.

I wonder who or what is awaiting any one of our acts of obedience? It’s a question looking back at me right now. I don’t have an answer but I’ve got a suspicion that there are countless prayers waiting to be answered. We think we’re waiting on God; perhaps He’s waiting on us. !

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