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By on March 14th, 2011

HungaryStatistics show that many orphans, maybe even most orphans, become street people as adults.

The Mission Field of Hungary:

As with many Eastern European countries, there are government operated orphanages scattered throughout Hungary. Children are turned over as wards of the state if their parents are no longer living, if their parents cannot otherwise care for them, or even if their parents cannot afford to care for them. Our ministry works to reach these children with the love of Christ, and to distribute clothing or other donations to the orphanages and baby homes, as well as to foster families.

There are at least 22,000 children and young people in state care. Those in the system cannot change their situation, and are suffering due to a 15% decrease in government funding as of January 2008. The EU entrance has not changed or offset the basic needs such as clothing, but rather tightened its belt to discourage more orphans from joining the ranks. So, recently the numbers have decreased some, as Child Protection’s goal is to keep children in their own homes. However, Hungary has now fallen significantly behind Romania in how many children per capita are still in state care.

The state/orphanage caretakers place strong pressure on their teenage girls to terminate any unwanted pregnancies. Statistics show that many orphans, maybe even most orphans, become street people as adults.

Please pray with us that, through reaching out to the orphans of Hungary with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, we will be a part of turning back the tide of homelessness and hopelessness.

Harvest Generation Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Sandor and Patricia Varga
Budapest 1098, Taviro utca 21 4 em. 16

Harvest Generation Foundation–a Christian Aid Charity– was established in Hungary in 2001 by Mr. and Mrs. Sandor and Patricia Varga, and another missionary friend. The roots date back to 1992 when Patricia moved to Hungary (from California) as a non-denominational Christian missionary. Sandor (a native of Budapest, Hungary) and Patricia were married in 1998. They have one son and they also operate as foster parents in their home. As you will see today, we have many other children as well albeit not ours on paper but tied together by our heart strings!

The Mission of the Foundation:

Since we are living in Hungary, our foundation has the opportunity to reach the forgotten, out-of the-way places. We are the extension of yours and others’ hands as we serve the Lord Jesus Christ together. Speaking fluent Hungarian, Patricia is able to see needs on a daily basis and ensure that the funds, goods or services are going into the promised direction. This is often accomplished by finding a key, trustworthy person within the system who holds the best interest of the children in utmost importance. Through this process we have also been able to reach non-Christian caretakers with the Gospel or encourage fellow Christians in their work.

Based on a tradition of Christian principles that True Religion includes reaching out to and supporting widows and orphans, we have set up the foundation as a legal entity by which we could acquire funds and goods as well as services, for the betterment, training, stability and support of children, young people, and the poor and needy. This is done in many ways to include group and personal Bible Study.

Child evangelism is our main focus, and in addition to distributing donated clothing to the orphanages: We put together skits, plays, and puppet shows with the orphans themselves as our actors/actresses, vocalists and musicians.

We set up Sport Days, inviting foreign guests wanting to give their time. For example, for the last six years we have held a basketball clinic put on by a group of Christian American university basketball players and their coach. The children enjoyed learning relay exercises and technique.

In several orphanages, we do Craft Workshops to enhance their development, which is so much slower than it would be if they were raised in a family setting. Secondly, they are desperate for time and attention. It builds their trust and opens up opportunities to share about Jesus.

We spread joy to the orphans by celebrating the major holidays with them: Christmas and Easter. Easter is especially low-key in the Hungarian culture; but as Christians, we want to stress the resurrection of Christ as of equal importance as His birth. Due to time and travel restraints, we have coupled Christmas with a Valentine’s Day theme in one orphanage. Crafts, gifts, and goodies are always needed and welcome donations.

School graduations are another place where we show up. Many orphans have said, “Even if we don’t get a gift, please bring flowers,” which is the tradition for graduates, both boys and girls. The horror for them is to stand in the line of graduates looking obviously like they have no relatives.

The Building Project:

The state/orphanage caretakers place strong pressure on their teenage girls to terminate any unwanted pregnancies. Many girls we have known personally from childhood have come to us for help or advice when they are in such a situation. Our hearts are burdened for them; and we would like to provide a shelter where they can live and be supported in choosing life for their babies, as well as learn to step into their role of motherhood. This is one of our greatest prayer needs. The first stage of building the mama-baby home (i.e., the underground level: garage, basement, laundry room and boiler room) was completed 4 years ago. Funds, as well as volunteer laborers, are needed to complete the next stage of getting up the walls of two levels and putting on the roof. The home is being built in Monosbel, Hungary, an area where out-of-wedlock babies born are in the highest numbers. We believe God has set the stage for this work to go on in this village. At this point all building funds are from personal finances and private funding and are not part of the foundation itself.  The intention is that the foundation will be given the opportunity to use this facility to further it’s goals and mission in helping the young mothers who with a little support can become strong mothers and raise their own children as God intended.

Anyone wishing to make a contribution, either on a one time basis or regularly, can do so by contacting us personally:

Tel: 06-70-507-4329



Tax number for giving 1% (If you are a taxpayer in Hungary): 18243534-1-43



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