Crying out to Abba…
By on April 1st, 2011

Every week our Orphan Justice Team comes together and we pray for the rescue and the restoration of children. We set aside four hours on Wednesdays to cry out to Abba to break in on behalf of abused, hungry and neglected children.

A current theme that comes up in our prayer time is that children will have encounters with the Almighty God that loves them and that this encounter will strengthen them and give them hope.  At times when the stories are just to much too hear and there doesn’t seem to be enough resources to do enough, we can’t respond quickly enough, or systems and governments won’t let us respond, the only thing we can do  is cry out.  We groan and we intercede and we ask that God will show up, that His presence will transcend all situations, and that He will manifest Himself in tangible comfort to these little ones.

This poem, written by Orphan Justice Center Advocate Emily LaFont, helps describe our cry to the Lord…….

See Him…

See Him!

He is near to you

He is acquainted with all your suffering

Every slap, every beating

He shares your scars

He bears your pain

See Him!

Behold your God!

He is Justice

Perfect Love

Father of all mercy and comfort

Lift your eyes, little ones

Hope again

He is coming!

He is coming for you!

And He will set every captive free

Look again to the horizon

It is a new day

Hope rising

And Love has come for You

I caught a glimpse of Him. Clothed in white, surrounded by glorious light. Completely frozen in awe, seemingly peering into a secret. We’d been interceding for about an hour or so. A social worker friend had shared with us that after we prayed the week before, she went to work and seventeen of the children on her floor asked to receive the Lord! This was not a Christian facility! These were youth institutionalized for delinquent behavior. All we prayed was for the Lord to break in, to give them a revelation of Jesus. After her testimony, all I could think was, “See Him! Behold Him!” And all at once, I was captured by His gaze; taken by His presence. Look what the Lord has done! See Him moving!! In a place where mentioning the name of Jesus would have crossed the lines of separation of church and state, seventeen youth came to know the Lord! He is the answer! He is our Hope! See Him! Behold Him!

Father, reveal Your Son! To hearts so wounded, souls so shattered…Sweet little ones, hold on! He is mighty to save. Dream again…and open your hearts to the Man in white!


Emily LaFont is a wonderful writer and truly a blessing to our team. You can read more of her works at



April 1st, 2011
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