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Ethan Before Being AdoptedOrphans are the poorest, most vulnerable and most oppressed people group. With no one to protect them they are at the mercy of profiteers and traffickers. Often, if a child cannot be used as a slave or be forced to be a prostitute, they are killed outright or tied to a bed and left to die.

ABC News reported that American soldiers came into an orphanage where they found multiple bodies laying on the floor of the facility. The children looked dead and barely responded when they called out. This was a government run orphanage for special needs children. They found more emaciated little bodies tied to cribs. The children were so thin that you could literally see every bone in their body. They had no energy to move and no expression on their face. They were naked and covered in their own feces.

There were three people in the kitchen cooking food for themselves but they were making nothing for the children. The kitchen shelves were packed with food and the stockroom held rows of brand-new clothing.

Unfortunately, this is normal for abandoned children around the world. They are left rejected, hopeless, in desperate need and without love. Orphan Justice Center is sounding the trumpet and calling others to join in to be a voice for the most vulnerable.


April 1st, 2011
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