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By on April 4th, 2011
Bringing home a child that has come from a difficult situation is not easy.  Orphan Justice Center is always looking to find good resources that will help your family have really strong and healthy relationships. Here is a resource that is very helpful for families in the process of adopting or taking in foster children. Below is a link to download the videos and the study guide.  We highly recommend you go through Karyn Purvis’ material.  Here are the topics in this study….


Insight 1: Explore Your Expectations

Insight 2: Simplify Your Life

Insight 3: Provide Familiarity and Continuity

Insight 4: Be Fully Present

Insight 5: Expect Long-Term Challenges

Insight 6: Embrace the Complex Needs of Your Child

Insight 7: Create a Balance of Nurture & Structure

Gift 1: Give Your Child Voice

Gift 2: Give Your Child Nurture

Gift 3: Give Your Child Shared Power

Gift 4: Give Your Child Predictability

Gift 5: Give Your Child Permission to Process Feelings

Gift 6: Give Your Child Playfulness

Gift 7: Give Your Child Healthy Parents with Good Self-Care

Where Do We Go from Here?

Each section has a short video that goes with the questions.  Watch as Dr. Karyn Purvis encourages adoptive and foster parents to provide familiarity and continuity for their new child, including familiar foods and smells, elements of their native language and culture and, where appropriate, contact with familiar people. This video is part of the Insights and Gifts video series, which includes a small group discussion guide that you can download here.


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April 4th, 2011

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