What is Orphan Justice Center?
By on April 10th, 2011

Orphan Justice Center exists to be an answer to the cry of millions of orphaned children around the world. We are linking arms with people across the globe to see all children safe, healthy and established in loving homes. Scripture is clear that it is the responsibility of the Church to care for the widow and the orphan. We believe that this is a special time in history where God is highlighting His heart as a Father and is calling the Church, like never before, into the Spirit of Adoption.

God is pouring out His Spirit to turn the hearts of the fathers to the children and the hearts of the children to the fathers. (Malachi 4:6)

As we respond to care for the orphan we will begin to understand the Father’s heart in new and glorious ways. The truths of the incarnation, redemption and the splendor of the sacrifice of Christ will have fresh and profound meaning, as we partner in the rescue and restoration of the orphan. This is not just foster care or adoption; this is salvation, discipleship, and leadership training.

Orphan Justice is committed to RESCUE! We work to mobilize people across the globe to engage in the rescue of children who are trapped by injustice.

We are calling the Church to a Justice Movement of Adoption and to Care for the Orphan. 120,000 children in America are waiting for a family to adopt them.  Millions of children around the world have lost both parents and are without a family to love them.  We encourage families to ADOPT if you are able to.  Not everyone should adopt but everyone should help.  If every church would get involved in some way to care for the orphan we could see an end to the orphan crisis.  If 1 in 4 churches in America would have 1 family adopt a child we would have more than enough homes for the adoptable children in America.

After the Rescue and Adoption of these children the difficult work to RESTORE broken hearts begins. Orphan Justice Center works to see children healed and walking in God-given destinies.  There are multiple ways to help make this happen.  You Can….

You Can come around a family who has fostered or adopted and help them in many ways.  Anything from giving the family respite, bringing dinner over so the parents have more time with kids, mowing the lawn or picking up groceries while you are out, all of these will encourage a family.

You Can serve at a children’s facility in your city.  Just down the road from OJC is a home that has over 50 children.  Each week our team spends time playing with 4-6 years olds that do not have families tucking them in at night.  Serving in these facilities can make a big difference and help you understand more of the need of children in the fostercare system.

You Can go on-line and see pictures of kids in your city and begin praying for them to have a family.

You Can give financially.  Find an organization or family that you believe in and give generously to help them.

You Can help OJC get the message out by giving at  We so appreciate all of our partners who enable us to fight for the orphan.


You Can do something today!

Small things

done with great love

will change the world.



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