Healing For My Orphaned Heart
By on April 18th, 2011

As I began this journey of learning the heart of God for the orphan, I was confronted with the reality of my own orphaned heart. I was confronted with the truth that no matter how good my earthly father was, I was still in desperate need of knowing a consistent love that only comes from the One who is perfect in all things; He who has no shadow of turning, and who delights and rejoices over me!

My whole life I have struggled with self-image and it wasn’t until I started working with orphans that I realize that I too have an orphan spirit.  As a little girl, I always felt like there was something holding me back, that I had nothing to offer, that my voice didn’t matter, and that failure was the norm for me.

It wasn’t until the Lord began to take me on a journey of healing that I realized that I believed lies about myself and my worth.  Coming face to face with God’s love and His view of me uncovered the lies that had been so real before. Only the light of His truth could fully reveal both the lies and the truth of who I really am and what I was made to be.

After a class on generational curses, I began to realize that because my grandfather was an actual orphan, I needed to come against the orphan spirit that had been passed down to me.  I determined from that day forward, to stand free and accepted into the beloved.  As a daughter of God, neither the pain nor the power of generational curses would hold me back any longer!

As I sit before Abba Father today, I hear Him say…

I want to fill you with My unfailing love!

I want you to know that when you fail, I will find you in your shame,

and I clothe you in My honor!

I want you to know I will always pursue you, I will always want you.

and I will never leave you!

If you let Me, I want to continue to gently go to those places that have been shut down,

and I will unlock your heart to sing again!

Oh little one, don’t you see? Everything My hands have made is good!


Tiffany Larson is on Orphan Justice Center staff and works to restore foster care and adopted children.

She  was a student of Derek Loux’s and she learned to love special needs children and to be a voice for the orphan while watching Derek and Renee. Tiffany was one of the primary caregivers for Silas Loux during the first year he was brought home from the Ukraine.

Tiffany is also a worship leader and she speaks on Caring for the Orphan.   If you would like her to come to speak to your group, you can contact her at



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