Thoughts on working with the poor from Peter…
By on May 14th, 2011

The way to engage the poor in any setting is from a place of humility, servitude and fellowship.

Prideful and controlling efforts of doing something “to” the poor, transversely to working “with” the poor will only lead to paternal, degrading egocentrism.

Engagement in helping the poor starts with simply being with the poor and hearing from their perspective and stepping into their shoes.  Then we will be able to work together to empower the poor in a way that dignifies and honors them.

We can’t look at youth to see what they can do to assist our good intentioned efforts.  The best thing that one can do to encourage youth to work towards justice for orphans is to empower them to use their talents for God.

These thoughts are from Peter’s journal notes written while at the orphan summit.  Peter is an OJC justice advocate who has been working with foster and adopted children for several years. He has been with OJC for two years and is currently serving with several local residential children’s homes and at Hope City in Kansas City.  He has a great heart and a lot of experience with children with special needs.  Give him a shout at



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