Change in Ukraine Adoption Family Code
By on May 23rd, 2011

Notice: Ukrainian Family Code Amendments and adoption processing in Ukraine

On May 19, the Ukrainian government passed an amendment to its Family Code to require orphans to be registered on the central adoption registry for one year and to be at least 5 years old before they are eligible for intercountry adoption. The amendment exempts children with certain special needs, relative adoptions, and sibling adoptions.

The proposed amendment will take effect in June 2011, and names the Ministry of Social Policy as the responsible authority for adoptions procedures.

The U.S. State Department continues to encourage the Ministry of Social Policy to ensure that pending adoptions between Ukraine and the United States are not interrupted as the Ukrainian Family Code is amended and the procedural and logistical aspects of the transfer is implemented.

According to SDA, there are now 139 U.S. families registered with the SDA, some of them already in-country. The State Department is asking all American families that are currently in Ukraine or have appointments with SDA during the next few weeks to send their contact information to the U.S. Embassy in Ukraine’s Adoption Unit at: . Families should contact their local adoption service provider for further updates and details.

On  April 7, 2011, President Yanukovych signed a Decree transferring all functions of, the State Department for Adoption and Protection of the Rights of the Child (SDA– the current central adoption authority of Ukraine), to the Ministry for Social Policy.

Adoptions from Ukraine to U.S. by year:

2010 450
2009 610
2008 490
2007 613
2006 463
2005 824
2004 794
2003 692
2002 1094
2001 1240
2000 658
1999 321


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