The Trafficking In America Conference-Nashville, TN June 10-12
By on June 8th, 2011

“Trafficking is an issue that needs a new approach that, coupled with traditional remedies, will somehow end the demand. That means there needs to be a major shift in our thinking process to rid ourselves of the root cause — GREED and UNCONTROLLED PASSION.”

“It is everyday citizens — those who grow tired and weary of injustice, heartache or any host of problems that plague our human condition that keep us from living full lives — that are the ones who become ignited with what it takes to change the face of an issue. This MUST stop. Are you tired of America’s sons and daughters being snatched, stolen, beaten and used for sex over and over again just to satisfy uncontrolled passion and greed? If you are, please come and be a part. Great solutions are always the fruit that grow from the fertile discussions that arise in group meetings. You may be the one who will plant that seed and begin the next initiative that puts an end to child trafficking in America.”

The Trafficking In America Conference will be held at the Holiday Inn Opryland / Airport at 2200 Elm Hill Pike, Nashville, TN June 10-12, 2011.


KEY NOTE SPEAKER (and Panel Moderator) – JULIAN SHER is an award-winning investigative journalist and the author of six books. His most recent book, “Somebody’s Daughter: The Hidden Story of America’s Prostituted Children and the Battle to Save Them,”  was hailed by Norma Ramos, director of Coalition of Trafficking Against Women,  as “the most definitive account of sex trafficking of children in the United States.” Ernie Allen, the president of the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC) called it “riveting and disturbing …also uplifting and helpful.”

ANNE BISSELL is the author of, Memoirs of a Sex Industry Survivor, and the Juliet West Series. She is the founder of Sex Industry Survivors Anonymous, and the Co-founder of Sexual Abuse Survivors in Recovery Anonymous. Her mission is to de-glamorize the global, billion dollar sex industry, which she believes in NOT a victimless crime.

LAURA J. LEDERER, J.D. Former Senior Advisor on Trafficking, U.S. Department of State. Adjunct Professor of Law, Georgetown Law Center, 2001 – present: Ms.Lederer teaches LLM and J.D. course on international trafficking in persons covering  U.S. law; foreign national law; international treaties and conventions; the scope and nature of the problem; trafficking routes, trends, and patterns; and related issues including rule of law such as corruption, money laundering, terrorism, transnational criminal activity.

ANTOINETTE REGNIER WELCH – is currently an Assistant District Attorney in Nashville Tennessee working the General Sessions Court and an instructor at Nashville’s John School.  A program aimed at getting 1st time offenders of soliciting prostitutes to understand the full ramifications of their behavior and to prevent further occurrences.

BRYAN THOMAS has developed organizations and leaders in Asia, Europe, Russia and the CIS, and has degrees in Linguistics, Theology, Sociology and Leadership Development. Bryan worked 14 years in the former Soviet Union and witnessed the horrors of human trafficking up close and personal. Multitudes of orphan girls released into the world at 17 years of age with no protection and thousands of abandoned single mothers end up trapped in human trafficking in Russia.

CHELSEA ESQUIBEL – Miss Tennessee Teenager 2010 and Speech winner at the Miss National Teenager Pageant. Chelsea will be presenting on Sunday morning a message to the youth.

COLETTE BERCU is CEO and Founder of Free For Life International. After seeing a television show in 2005 featuring the buying and selling of a young woman in Romania, Colette was compelled to contact Iana Matei, who ran the only private  safe house in Romania, to see how she could help. That day Colette, an artist, and Dr. Daniel Bercu, an emergency room doctor, co-founded Free for Life International in 2006.

DERRI SMITH, is the Founder and Director of End Slavery in Tennessee

EVE ANNUNZIATO – Executive Director of Communications at Mercy Ministries. Mercy is a Christian based rehabilitation center for girls ages 13-28 suffering from physical and sexual abuse, including victims of sex trafficking, unplanned pregnancies usually from rape or incest, and many other sad situations.

LORI BETH EDGEMAN – Panel Speaker – began her social work experience by coordinating and monitoring state services for individuals with developmental disabilities.

GISELLE RODRIGUEZ is the State Outreach Coordinator for the Florida Coalition Against Human Trafficking.

JILL ROBINSON, is a PhD candidate in Community Research and Action at Vanderbilt University.  Her master’s thesis was on public perceptions of human trafficking in Moldova.  Most recently, she consulted with the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation on a study of sex trafficking in Tennessee.

MARGIE QUIN, Assistant Special Agent in Charge, Tennessee Bureau of Investigation. ASAC Quin was recognized by the Department of Justice as the 2009 AMBER Alert Coordinator of the year for the United States and June 2010.

MELVA BLACK is the Program Coordinator for the Interdenominational Ministers’ Fellowship Peniel Initiative (IMFPI), a victim’s resource and referral center. She is also the Program Coordinator for Partners for Life, a faith-based international AIDS project with Metropolitan Interdenominational Church’s First Response Center in Nashville, Tennessee.

RACHEL PIERCE Victim Specialist for FBI

STEVE SILER is an accomplished songwriter and music producer and creator of “Somebody’s Daughter, a Journey to Freedom from Pornography”, an educational DVD to help set men free from










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