Is the Church ready for the abortion law to change?
By on June 11th, 2011

Most people would agree with the statement that all life is valuable.  The statistics of more than 50 million babies being aborted since abortion in America was legalized in 1973 calls the question. What is really valuable to the church?

Along with this statistic is the overwhelming number of children that are born but unwanted, living on the streets or in foster care/orphanages around the world. Each year over 800,000 children go in and out of America’s Foster Care System…. Around the world, millions of children are orphaned, hungry and abused.  This article by Kinsey Thurlow calls us to answer this question… Is the Church ready for the abortion law to change?….

Life is valuable in the womb, and we must see that this life still remains just as valuable when the child is out of the womb, whether that child is 2 months old, 4 years old, or 17 years old.

The ending of abortion cannot be separated from the raising up of an adoption movement. Both concern wanting and loving children, born and unborn—and loving them enough to make them our own sons and daughters if they are left fatherless. In the Father’s house, there are no unwanted children.

Consider a 15 year-old girl who finds herself pregnant. She is certainly very scared, and the seemingly easiest way out is to abort her baby. However, through some counseling, she decides to keep her baby. Do we now breathe a sigh of relief because the baby wasn’t aborted? Is the life of her child still valuable 5 or 6 years later when we learn that the child has been abused and neglected and is now living in foster care? Do we still care about the child’s life?

There are currently nearly half a million children living in U.S. foster care, from newborn babies to teenagers. These children, along with those who have been aborted in their mother’s wombs, are America’s present day unwanted people group. Their lives have been tossed aside and ignored, even by the Church. These children live in our neighborhoods and attend our schools. But do we even see them, and do we care about their lives?

If we think of the 50 million babies who have been aborted and consider almost half a million children in our government’s foster care system, there are millions more children who have been devalued than those who had been enslaved in the Civil War.

What will happen when abortion ends? If these babies are unwanted in the womb, will they now be wanted when the law is changed? What will be done with all of the children that make it out of the womb, but still are not wanted? Will the foster care system then explode and overflow, even more than it is already? What will happen to these children now?

We are in great need. We need the salvation of America. Unless the nation turns their hearts to Father God, and then to the children, the root of abortion will not be abolished. We cannot continue to have a fatherless generation raised by the government. What kind of nation will this create?

We must gain a heart of compassion. The Church should be leading our nation in this issue, as the responsibility for caring for the oppressed and the orphan has been given to us.

We have to press to enter into God’s heart for life–life inside of the womb, and life that survives and is born from the womb. We have to learn to love. The Church must say yes to loving LIFE, not only to hating death. We must turn our hearts to the children.

At this time, a very small percentage of the church is adopting the fatherless. Those children whom the world has named “unwanted” have not been received by the Church either.  Currently, the number of Christian church congregations in America outnumbers children who are waiting to be adopted from U.S. foster care by about a 3 to 1 ratio. This means that if each congregation adopted even one child, there would be no orphans in America. God has given His church the charge to care for the oppressed, the poor, and the orphan. These statistics yield disturbing evidence that the church, as a whole, has not heeded His Word on this issue. Currently, the government is raising the fatherless, though the church was given the mandate.

God has defined pure and undefiled religion as caring for orphans and widows (James 1:27). But why? Why did He define it this way? Because it is imitating Him. It is the emulation of the very expression of love that the Father has bestowed upon us. When we were alone, orphaned and without hope, He ordained our adoption through Jesus Christ to Himself.

As a Father to the fatherless who sets the lonely into families, God desires to display His heart through His people.  He commands us to vindicate the weak and fatherless, to do justice to the afflicted and destitute, and to rescue the weak and needy (Psalm 82).

Unless the nation is revived, and God’s people turn toward a fatherless generation of children, we are not prepared for a change in abortion law. Yes, we should keep contending for the law to change, but also for God to raise up a people who are not just against abortion, but are truly Pro-LIFE.

O God, restore the value of life in this nation, and teach us to love and pursue the unwanted.

Kinsey Thurlow is a teacher, a writer and a Justice Advocate. She has been working with OJC and foster/adopted children for several years.   You can join her in praying for these children on Friday mornings at 6:00 am when she leads in prayer for the fatherless…



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