Celebrating Fathers
By on June 14th, 2011

This week we are celebrating fathers….

Sheila Beachy is so proud of her Dad…  “My dad is not perfect…but he is close.

He stepped into a situation (and my awesome mom too) with me and my daughters and fought for our protection. He also gave us his time, money, his heart. It was a beautiful display of a father’s love for his kid/grandkids. I am still in awe of it. This situation revealed his heart in a way I cannot even explain but makes me crazy that I don’t thank him everyday.

I haven’t had to stretch too far in my understanding of a Heavenly Father when my earthly one is so good. The thing is… he doesn’t even realize how amazing he is.  He thinks he was just doing what you do in that situation, but I see and hear all the time about parents who do not just do it.


I am going to call him right now and tell him so!”





Sheila Beachy

June 14th, 2011
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