This week we are celebrating fathers….
By on June 17th, 2011

Ruth Bergan has an amazing Dad. ..  He’s a special man and he works humbly behind the scenes.  He has neither fame nor fortune but his riches far surpass digits and real estate.”

” Truth be told I could send you a thousand stories of how his life has fathered the countless fatherless around him.  His heart breaks for the disenfranchised and broken and the hearts he touches stretch throughout generations.

But for the here and now I will say that he has modelled the father heart of God like no one I know.
I am a stay at home mom with 3 small children (ages 1 month – 5 years)  I have no car (as my husband uses it for work each day) and am often stuck without a means to get milk, mail or run the odd quirky errand.    When then this happens and my father hears of it he has often dropped everything and gone out of his way to see that my need gets met.  Whether that means an hour drive to pick up photos for me, or shovelling my driveway after a snowstorm.
Today my husband and I woke up with the flu and without being asked he and my mother showed up at my door —  picking up my children in order to give us a few hours reprieve.
To quote a nugget he said last March: “I’m willing to give up any title or position that I hold to become like a little child.  If I have relationship, I can have a ministry without any title or position.  I have an open door.”
Ruth is an advocate for children and leads a ministry
providing Layettes for mothers and babies in need…

“The heart of this project was birthed when we began to hear about a great need happening in our own “back yard”. Babies coming home from the hospital without blankets, mothers and caregivers who had little to offer their new born child.
My heart broke. 

These baby layettes are created, prayed for and donated to the Crisis Pregnancy Centre who has relationship with many in these types of heartbreaking situations.

The need is ongoing and baby layettes will continue to be made through out the year. Please contact us if you have anything (new or gently used) to donate towards this project.

(To view a list of the baby layette list we try to draw from please see the FB status listed on this FB page  – {baby} layette love…

We also collect larger sized diapers, baby formula and baby food. CPC is not government funded so they are often confronted with situations of great need though meeting that is difficult.

June 17th, 2011

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