Everyone can stand with one child….
By on June 23rd, 2011


Shannon Quigley has been partnering with God for one little girl in the foster care system –

God depends on her to pray, to cry out for her life, and to stand with Him for this little girl’s future.

This is from Shannon’s prayer journal….

Make a Way, Abba

Make a way for one particular sweet little girl today

Abba, make a way

Orchestrate things according to Your will

Have Your way

Hear our prayers

I lift my voice today

for one who cannot lift her voice

Keep her very near Your heart

Defend her, protect her

Love on her by Your Spirit today

Father her, my good, good Father


Take a Stand – Partner with God for the life of a child in your community…  Everyone can fight for one child….





Shannon Quigley


June 23rd, 2011

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