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By on November 3rd, 2011

When Derek died in a car crash in December of 2009, Orphan Justice Center team lost an amazing mentor, friend and visionary leader.  He was funny, loving, compassionate, and uncompromising in his love for Jesus, his family, and for those trapped in injustice. We have yet to meet someone who knew Derek Loux who was not touched by his wonderful spirit.

When the OJC team felt God’s urging to write (SOTK) Strength of the King, A call to pure and undefiled religion, we knew we needed to try to capture the thoughts and foundations behind Derek and Renee’s unending passion for vulnerable children.  So many have learned so much from this amazing family and their message needs to continue.  It has taken almost two years, and although this book does not tell their personal story it outlines the foundational aspects that gave them vision and strength to persevere and go to the ends of the earth to rescue and restore children.

Derek was known as one who prayed and studied daily.  He was a doer of the word. Derek spoke at churches, wrote songs, wrote blogs, and whatever else he could do to share the message about God’s heart for oppressed children.   He grabbed people in coffee shops, in the airport or wherever anyone would listen, urging them to walk out true religion as outlined in James 1:27.

“Pure and genuine religion in the sight of God the Father means caring for orphans and widows in their distress and refusing to let the world corrupt you.”

Derek walked in the revelation of this verse.  He was always doing something to make a difference.  The ripple effect from Derek’s life continues to go on and on.  We recently heard from a girl that Derek and his team rescued from sex trafficking.  She is now in a loving and nurturing environment.  She has given her life to Jesus and is being helped, healed and restored. Not only is she doing well but she is helping others be free.  Her testimony in court helped to shut down three sex trafficking rings! Derek was a burning and shining lamp who was always working to rescue those in need and his message is still inspiring us to action.

The OJC team has prayerfully put together the scriptural basics that were Derek’s motivation.  From Genesis to Revelation these scriptures call for a Justice Revolution that brings redemption and restoration to the millions of children around the world in need of love and protection.  These scriptures are the fuel that urged Derek to write:

“ I wanted something to live and die for. I wanted something to breathe and to bleed for. I’m not interested in trying to figure out ways to make my life safe and preserve my comfort.”

SOTK also highlights some beautiful points from the book of Job that show us how to live an upright and blameless life before God.  As we have watched Renee’ Loux walk through these past several months without her husband and best friend we have seen unwavering faith and trust in the midst of grief and challenges. Her strength and commitment to helping others, even when she is in need, has caused us to look at the book of Job in a different light.  Her determination to walk upright before God has given us a more eternal perspective on life and death. We have seen how Renee’ has not given up and how she is going forward to keep the light of justice burning.  Her love for Jesus overcomes her grief and she is determined to walk in her destiny and calling.  She has set her sights on the hope set before her and she has not stopped in her efforts to rescue, adopt and restore children.

Derek and Renee’ have been relentless in bringing God’s love and grace to children in need.  We hope that this book, Strength of the King, A call to pure and undefiled religion, will be a resource for you as you take your part in the Justice Revolution.  For those of you who knew Derek, this book will encourage you!   You will be reminded of his message and his commitment to the fatherless, and you will again be inspired to follow his example.




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Blessings to you as you go in the Strength of the King!

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November 3rd, 2011
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