Our Present Hope
By Guest Author on March 8th, 2012

God has planted in each of our hearts dreams for the next generation that are presently in seed form. With nearly half a million children in the US foster care system, we are longing for God to raise up mothers and fathers who would open their homes and lay down their lives to see these children restored. With hundreds of millions of orphans worldwide in dire need, we are praying for the Holy Spirit to awaken and empower the Church to answer their cries.

As we hope, pray, and begin to respond today, what we often fail to see is that our longing for the fatherless to be restored is far more than just a means to an end—it is actually a beautiful invitation into the heart of God. The passion that we feel in our hearts when we hear about abused and neglected children is just a fraction of the zeal that God feels for them. When we stand and pray in the chasm between innumerable orphans and their restoration, we are not standing alone but we are partnering with the King of the universe to see justice established across the earth.

Two of the greatest temptations that we face today as we contend for the fatherless to be brought into godly families are discouragement and ungratefulness. The stories of abuse can seem daunting and we are susceptible to ask, “What can I really do to change such a huge problem?” If we give into despair, we have already lost the battle because we fail to appreciate the small miracles that are happening all around us.

In the midst of overwhelming statistics, there are real names and faces of children that are being restored in the love of Christ. Every single orphan who has been healed, saved, and made whole is a glorious miracle to thank God for. As we celebrate and worship God for what He is doing today, we will have strength and courage to stand filled with hope as we face our future.

Today, we each have a vital part to play in God’s answer and we cannot despise or compare the part that God gives us, no matter how small it seems. Whether God is asking you to bring children into your home, serve a foster family, partner financially, or faithfully pray, you are sowing seeds of life and righteousness that will bear fruit. Yes by yes, prayer by prayer, and dollar by dollar, we are joining God’s heart for the fatherless in a priceless and eternal way.

Today as our faith is being tested by what we see around us and our love is being refined in the fire of patience, God wants to fill us with hope. Where sin is increasing across the earth, God’s grace is abounding all the more and he desires to strengthen our hands and hearts to believe with him for our children. As we continue to labor and praise God for the small testimonies in our children today, we will go from faith to faith and build upon these testimonies in the days ahead!

Erica Grimaldi

March 8th, 2012
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