Fatherless Generation
By Katie Conely on April 17th, 2012

John Sowers writes about justice as action married with right thinking. He is president of The Mentoring Project, a Portland-based movement focused on using mentorship as a means to bring healing to those without fathers. The Mentoring Project seeks to respond to the American crisis of fatherlessness by inspiring and equipping faith communities to mentor fatherless youth. This excerpt from John’s blog, “FatherlessGeneration,” challenges us to step into action:

“I would like to make a hearing for the fatherless child that is right here. In America. In your town. Maybe even your next door neighbor. It is time we see the fatherless right in front of us. To take that a step further, we can no longer step over the gang members dying in our streets, the teenage pregnant girl who is deciding if she should keep it, or trafficking victim that is robbed of her life and innocence. We can no longer step over the fatherless child in the ditch – in the name of justice – to send aid to another country. Loving your neighbor means loving the person right in front of you. Justice is not justice unless it helps the person right in front of you.

In the eyes of God, there is no favoritism. The scales of justice are balanced: the international orphan and the fatherless child next door are equals. But from my observation the scales of justice have been tilted, heavily in favor of the international effort – the children in Africa, China, Haiti, or Mexico. The scales of justice are imbalanced. The need is right in front of us.

We are called to see the fatherless. We are called to join our Creator, as John Ronald writes, to be subcreators – co-laborers with Him in protecting, providing for, and defending the fatherless. It is time we see the fatherless in our community – in our backyard, and to love our neighbor by doing something about it.”

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