Strength for Moms
By Kinsey Thurlow on April 24th, 2012

Dana Candler writes to moms like herself who sometimes find themselves emptied of patience and peace, desperate for a fresh infilling. Dana is a speaker, author, and intercessor at the International House of Prayer. This excerpt from Dana’s blog encourages moms–biological, adoptive, and foster– to lean dependently on the One who will fill them with His light and life as we mother our children.

“I dedicate this post to all the moms out there who find themselves day in and day out in the fires of monotonous moments with their children – moments with the potential for severe and sweet transformation and holy encounter… if embraced and yielded to…

I recently was struck with the truth that He is not looking for a better me but a lesser me.  He does not want better morality from me but greater dependency. I’m not to imitate the Vine but abide in it.

Thus, when I begin to live separately from Him – even in moments or hours of time – when I leave that inward dependency that alone bears true fruit, my first and primary wrong done is not the rash word I speak or the sharp tone I use, but rather my initial parting from my only Source of life. The offense is first found in my independence and autonomy from Jesus. Yes, my words and actions are wrong but not because I’ve failed at perfecting my imitation of Him but because in my pride, I’ve separated myself from the Source who alone brings forth the sweet fruit of godliness in me. My repentance to the Lord is not first or fundamentally a prayer of, ‘Forgive me for that word I spoke,’ but rather, ‘Forgive me for separating myself from You, for assuming self-sufficiency.’ My confession to my children is not first the sin of impatience but the sin of independence from the Patient One.

And so again, as we journey these most precious flames of parenting, of loving God and loving one another, let us remember that He is not looking for better morality from us but greater dependency and faithful cleaving to Him – the kind of clinging to the Vine that alone bears true and lasting fruit. Our joy and aim is to at last give up the art of imitation and to truly partake of His impartation, His life and light abundant.”

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April 24th, 2012

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