Setting the Lonely in Families
By Guest Author on June 21st, 2012

About a month ago, I had the opportunity to spend time with ten-year-old Riley and learn a little bit about her adoption story. Her adoptive family, who has adopted ten kids and fostered four others, adopted Riley into their family when she was just fifteen months old.

Three days after being born, Riley was left alone at a busy park in China. Because of China’s one child policy, this is common—parents avoid forced abortion and female infanticide. Since the implementation of the one child policy over thirty years ago, an overwhelming number of children have been killed in the womb. But Riley is a rescued one, a living picture of life’s value.

As Riley lay in the crowded park in China, a woman on the other side of the earth had a dream of an Asian baby girl with beautiful rounded eyes. This woman, Jane, knew that the baby girl she saw in her dream would be hers.

Because Jane’s father was working with the government in China, he had connections to orphanages in the country. One of those orphanages had this baby girl, who had been found alone in a park.

Jane’s husband, Chuck, flew to China to claim Riley as his daughter. At this time, the SARS virus was causing everything to shut down in China, but the Lord made a clear path for Chuck and opened the doors for him. Soon, this precious life, this solitary one, was set into a family.

Riley is now 10 years old and growing up in love for Jesus. This bright 7th grader has a wisdom and intelligence that reaches beyond her years, and she is an extremely gifted violinist. What a gift she is!

Her story reminds me of yours and mine. We were orphaned, death was before us, but even then, we were a dream in the heart of our Father. We are loved by a God who left His heavenly country to pursue us. God shows Himself faithful to set the lonely in families. And now for those of us who love Him, we are His own.

– Danielle Helmer

Danielle Helmer serves full-time at the International House of Prayer of Kansas City. She works with adoptive families and on the Life Initiatives Team, laboring for the ending of abortion. She has a desire to see the Church care  for the orphans and be the solution to abortion. 


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