Twirling with Ethan
By Guest Author on August 10th, 2012

I’ve been busy, tired, and waiting for the end of the month to come. The flipping of the calendar this month also came with the ending of several commitments, meaningfully freeing up my schedule. I didn’t think I’d be able to rest until my schedule changed, but the Lord in His graciousness refreshed me while I worked, giving me the grace I needed to keep pushing through. I was at a weekly prayer meeting held by OJC, where special needs kids come to pray, be loved, and pour out their love.
Jesus met me there in the simplest way. I picked up a special needs boy, Ethan, and spun around with him in my arms. While we twirled, everything but Ethan’s laughing face blurred from my vision. I thought, “This is how I’ll love you today, Jesus.” And the world melted away for a few minutes.

I become so tired sometimes. I try desperately to protect myself, afraid I can’t carry any more, hold any more responsibility. But there in the fields, I’m strengthened by Jesus, His smile in the face of a down syndrome child. I saw Him looking at me through Ethan. There is enough grace. I poured my love on Jesus today when I sang and danced with Ethan, and He lavished His love back on me.

I’ll always remember Ethan’s face and Jesus’ touch that day.

– Amber Helms

Amber Helms serves with the Orphan Justice Center.


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