In the Beginning
By Kinsey Thurlow on August 22nd, 2012

“In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth” Genesis 1:1 

In the beginning, when the first stroke of history was recorded, God created. He spoke, and it was. Light penetrated darkness, galaxies scattered into the black void, the planets began their rotations, and life sprang up from earth. And after creating all of the heavens, all plants, all seas, all sea creatures and birds, and all animals on land, God suddenly slowed down His rapid creation. He stopped. He bent down to the earth, and from the dust of the ground, He formed a unique creature in His own image. Then, holding His most prized creation close, He breathed into him, and life rushed into spirit, soul, and body. Though all creation prior to this had been made in mass, God now intimately fashioned one man. His most precious and beloved creation. His desired inheritance. His child.

God has always been a Father. Knowing that He is the same, unchanging in Person and nature, from everlasting to everlasting, we can understand from Scripture’s opening sentence the astounding truth behind all creation. In the beginning, at the opening of Love’s great story, there was a Father. And as creation spilled from His heart, the desire for family stirred within Him.

When mankind fell away from Him and denied Him as Father, He did not relinquish His longing for family. He looked on His desired inheritance, dead in their transgressions, striving for their independence, and rebelling against love. And, orphaned as we were, we became ones sought after, wanted, chosen. The Father revealed of Himself a heart, wide-open, in relentless pursuit of the orphaned ones.

And through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, we were given the adoption as sons. We received even more than a pardon from sin. We’ve been pulled into the arms of a Father who lovingly whispers over us, “You’re mine. Call Me Abba.”

Yes, He is our Father. And we must know Him.

We are testimonies of God’s fatherhood. He’s done something in us, and He wants to do it through us. What a privilege to be able, in some measure, to imitate the same expression of love that the Father has given us, that we could reach out to the orphaned ones, just as He has done for us. But we must know the One who holds us in His embrace. We can embrace them only because He has embraced us. We, in and of ourselves, have nothing to give them. But O, our Father, He is so rich, and He has so much to give—to us and to them. We must first recognize our need for the Father before we can effectively attend to the needs of the fatherless, because we’ve been urged to give them something not of ourselves, but of Him. Our love to them must be the Father’s, unearthly love poured into our hearts by the Holy Spirit, overflowing and compelling us to do what we cannot do without Abba.

Abba, as You have embraced us; anoint us to also embrace the fatherless. 


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