Blessed by Adoption
By Guest Author on September 13th, 2012

My husband and I are on the second leg of our journey, en route to Lucy’s country. Earlier in the flight, I was reading Gifts, by Kathryn Lynard Soper, a collection of stories from 63 mothers of children with Down syndrome. After I read a few of the stories, I closed the book and my eyes, and started talking to my heavenly Father.

Let’s back up a little.

The past week has probably been the second most stressful week of my life. The first was six years ago, when we packed up our family of nine (then) and moved to Kansas City to become missionaries. This week, there were several major events happening simultaneously, and each of them was enough to consume all my strength. When I got on the plane today, I collapsed into my seat and slept for over an hour.

When I woke up, I read stories from Gifts, and started thinking about what we were actually doing—what we had said yes to. I, about to turn 46, and my husband, almost 48—with eight other children, three now legal adults, four active teens, and one very active almost 3-year-old. We are adopting a beautiful 4-year-old girl with Down syndrome.

I thought for just a moment about what it will be like to have a child with Down syndrome—how much work it will be. Immediately, the overriding and overwhelming response from my heart was: “Who are we that we get to do this? We get to partner with God’s heart for the orphan! We get to rescue this one and give her a family! We get to love her and call her our own! We get the incredible privilege of raising her. We get to tell her about Jesus! We are so incredibly blessed in what we get to do!”

Then, while praying before eating our delicious airplane meal of chicken and rice, my eyes were welling up with tears for no reason. I opened them and found My husband completely broken down, tears streaming down his red face—trying to regain some sort of composure for the sake of the guy sitting next to him, who had clearly noticed.

When my husband finally pulled it together enough to talk, he told me, “While I was running early this morning, I was talking to the Lord about Lucy and what we are doing. I was thinking about the thousands of orphans and how I would adopt them all if I could—but I know that we can’t. I remembered waking up a couple weeks ago with the thought, ‘He goes after the one.’ This idea is from a parable in Matthew 18 about how the Lord leaves the 99 to rescue the one. I was overwhelmed with the extreme honor of going after just one. It’s a miracle, an incredible privilege, and honor—bestowed by the King of kings—to be invited to experience His heart in going after one.”

We thank God for so many who have partnered with us in partnering with God to go after His daughter—now also our own daughter, Lucy. Everyone who joined us will forever be part of His story for her! The prayers, the sacrificial giving, the love, support, and encouragement—we cannot say THANK YOU loud enough! We pray that for all who have poured into us and Lucy, that it will be given back to them—double portion, pressed down, and running over!

– Linda Dinsmore

Linda Dinsmore lives in Kansas City with her husband, Craig, and their nine children. Two children came to them through adoption, and seven biologically.


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