Why Pray?
By Guest Author on September 20th, 2012

Growing up with over thirty foster children, I experienced firsthand the dire needs and deep plight of the fatherless. When I became a Christian in college I cried out, “God, I want to do something to help answer this crises. Use me!”

As I dreamed up ways to “help God” restore children into loving families, prayer was at the bottom of my list. I had relegated prayer to something that Christians were “supposed to do,” but then after that box was checked, I could move on to the “more important” exploits in God’s kingdom.

I started the race towards restoration with many ideas and great zeal. Yet as the years passed, I grew weary and frustrated with how little fruit actually remained from my labors. As I reached the end of my strength I prayed, “God, You see how much I want children to know and love You; why isn’t this working?”

God spoke John 15 right to my heart: “Abide in Me. As the branch cannot bear fruit unless it abides in the vine, neither can you unless you abide in Me.” These words shot through me like an arrow and militated against my pride: I can do nothing apart from Him.

Jesus, the King of the universe, doesn’t need us to do anything for Him, but He wants us to partner with Him in sharing His love with the fatherless. Though our understanding is limited and our love is feeble, Jesus knows the name of every child aching for a home, He is upholding every orphan riddled with AIDS, and His strong love is more than enough to save, heal, and restore all.

Prayer is our great glory and highest calling as Christians. It is the channel by which we converse with our Creator and it is the conduit by which we receive every good thing for life and godliness. Even more, it is God’s good pleasure that we would bear fruit that remains—He eagerly desires to endue us with power, grace, love, and wisdom to be His hand and feet to children and families.

We can trust that as we draw near His heart in worship and prayer, the fragrance of Christ will emanate out of our lives into the hardest hearts and darkest places on the earth. Needless to say, prayer is no longer at the bottom of my list, but it is the most fulfilling and fruitful thing that I do for the Kingdom. It is from this fount of intimacy with God that every other act of justice flows out.

– Erica Grimaldi

September 20th, 2012
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