OJC November Prayer Initiative: America
By Guest Author on November 1st, 2012

For the month of November, we are praying for the fatherless in America every Friday at 6:00am in the IHOPKC Global Prayer Room, and we want you to join your prayer with ours! We want a corporate body to go before the Lord carrying this nation in our hearts and petitions. You can join us at, where the prayer room is broadcasted live, 24/7. Watch the webstream »

About Children at Risk in America

Every two minutes, another child in America enters into the foster care system.* In this nation, there are nearly 500,000 children in foster care. Over 250,000 will never return home. And over 123,000 need adoptive homes right now. These are the waiting ones—orphaned children, waiting for a family to choose them as their own. In America, 123,000 children wait, holding on to the hope that they will one day be embraced by an adoptive family. Their faces and profiles appear on bookmarks, calendars, and web pages in effort to bring them out of the shadows, though they remain largely unseen.**

The number is daunting—123,000. How can I see 123,000 faces? How can I get others to see them? And beyond the seeing, what can I do that will bring change for America’s most destitute people group?

There is a long list of good things that we can do for the orphan, and all are indeed good things. But at the top of this list, and attached to every other point on the list is this: Pray for them. In addition to and beyond a call to act with our hands is the call to prayer. We must get down low, faces to the earth, and weep with the Father. It is the burden of His heart, and we need to enter into this—seeing what He sees and feeling what He feels when He looks on the torn bodies and tattered souls of a fatherless generation of children.

And for us, prayer is also a guard that holds us back from our zeal to be heroes after a good cause, but keeps us in humility, consistently acknowledging that the solution to this crisis is beyond our own ability. Therefore, we appeal to the throne of heaven, asking God to do what only He can do. For only He has the power to turn the human heart and can, thereby, turn the hearts of fathers to children and children to fathers (Malachi 4:5–6). God alone can heal and restore the broken, wounded places within orphaned hearts, reaching depths that neither medicine nor man’s counsel can reach.

Prayer is our highest calling and their only true hope.


Foster Kids with Heart Gallery of America**

Jeremy and Jesse Z.
Brothers Jeremy, age 9, and Jesse, age 8, are curious and full of energy. They are funny and full of life. Jeremy is artistic and has a vivid imagination. Jesse is charming and loves to engage in conversation. Jesse and Jeremy would love to have a family that can show them love and stability. From Heart Gallery of America.


Kala S.
Kala is a beautiful 16-year-old with a lovely smile who is sweet-natured and full of energy. Kala loves movies, skating, dancing, and walking. Kala is in 10th grade this school year, enjoying art, gym, and working on the computer. She has earned awards for her respectful and hard-working attitude in class. Kala needs a home to call her own. She says she wishes she had a mother, brothers, and sisters, and wouldn’t mind if she was the oldest. From Heart Gallery of America


Pray with Us: 2 Thessalonians 3:1–2

Pray that the word of the Lord would run swiftly and glorified in the life of these children. Pray that each child’s heart would be open to believe and receive truth, and that the power of God’s Word would break through every wall and hard place that has formed in the hidden places of his or her heart.

Pray that these children would be protected from perverse and evil men. Many of the waiting children have already suffered abuse or neglect. Even after children are removed from abusive and neglectful family situations, they sometimes continue to suffer abuse after entering the foster system. Ask God to keep them safe from any that would harm them in any way.

Pray with Us: Malachi 4:5–6

Ask God to turn the hearts of these children to the Father in heaven.

Ask God for these children to turn their hearts toward their foster or potential adoptive parents. Because some of these children have come from very hard places, a number of them have disorders that make it very difficult for them to attach and form loving bonds with others. Pray for restoration of their hearts, that they would again learn to trust others and form loving bonds with foster and adoptive parents.

Pray for fathers in the church to turn their hearts to the fatherless. Ask God to raise up godly men and women who will love and parent the orphan and embrace them as their own sons and daughters.

Pray for biological fathers to turn their hearts back to their children.


** Visit this site to see some of America’s waiting children.

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