15 Ways to defend the cause of justice this season…
By Craig Dinsmore on December 17th, 2012



  1. Offer to do Family Christmas photos for a single mom and her children!
  2. Make supper for an adoptive family.
  3. Ask for a christmas dinner shopping list from a widow/single mom. pick up the items on her list.
  4. Host a Christmas cookie decorating party for a foster family and let them take home the goods.
  5. Offer to do some house chores for a single mom so she can do a special holiday activity with her kids!
  6. Offer to help a large adoptive/foster family with Christmas gifts.
  7. Give the gift of a holiday date to foster or adoptive parents.
  8. Wrap presents for a family.
  9. Fill up stockings with holiday treats and take them to a group home.  You can find a local residential home by typing into google “residential treatment facility” along with your local city and state.
  10. Put together a basket with parent goodies -starbucks coffee, nuts, etc and drop off as a secret santa..
  11. Buy a Justice Card and send to someone on your list.  See justice cards for more info.
  12. Offer to take adoptive/foster children to a local live nativity or christmas lights display.
  13. Find a local social services office and make holiday treats for the staff.  If you are not sure where to find one, try googling “foster care services” along with your city and state.  If youneed help let us know!
  14. Offer to buy office supplies for a local social services office to make their work more fun… some offices need simple supplies or a restock of kitchen items like tea, coffee, hot-chocolate.
  15. Donate to OJC or another organization in your area that you know is doing works of justice for Jesus!



December 17th, 2012

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