So Much Hope
By Kinsey Thurlow on January 15th, 2013

Living Hope, show Yourself to the hopeless ones.

Some we have seen, and some we have only heard about. They sometimes take the form of the severely impoverished, homeless and hungry, and in some nations, living on less than a dollar a day. Sometimes they are women, trafficked as slaves, their identities smothering under perversion and oppression. Sometimes they are children– orphaned, afraid, and hurting.

They have different stories and circumstances, yet the same despair looms through each one’s soul—hopelessness. They are those who feel they have no voice, and thus, no hope either.

I knew a little boy once who was one of those who longed for hope. At eight years old, he’d taken on the name Orphan. After living through harsh abuse and neglect, he was removed from his family and now lived within the walls of a children’s home that was filled with other children with similar stories and wounds.

I sat with him one day, looking over a book, teaching him some new reading concepts as we skimmed through the pages. We came to the idea of the “silent e,” one of those perplexing concepts that the English language throws upon new readers. I was moving along through the vowels, writing down a “silent e” word for each one… cake, Pete, bike. But when I came to o, I struggled to find a word. The first one that came to mind was home. However, I hesitated to use that word, seeing a young boy sitting before me who did not have a home at this time, and whose greatest and pained request was to have one. After a few moments, a second word came to mind, and it was perfect. I put my pencil back to the paper and while writing, told this little boy, “I have just the right word for you.” He read it with me slowly. H—o—-p—e. “Hope!” he declared. I then looked at him and said, “Yes. And there’s so much hope for you, buddy.” Hope for a little boy cloaked in shame, tormented by fear, and despairing in rejection. There is so much hope for him. And I believed it, because God’s power is not limited.

I moved on to write the next word, and with a jolt of sudden energy, he leaned across the corner of the table, gently took hold of my arm, and buried his head in my sleeve– loving the idea of hope, wanting to believe it himself, thankful that someone believed it for him. I held back tears.

The cries of this boy’s heart join those of many others, who longingly sigh, “We hope for justice, but there is none, for salvation, but it is far from us” (Isaiah 59:11).

How the ears of these hopeless ones long to hear the sounds of HOPE. But for many, it feels as though it is a longing far out of reach.

Yet the hopelessness that pervades awaits an inevitable conquering—by Hope Himself. For He is a Greater Power and true Living Hope. So in their pained voicelessness and permeating hopelessness, let God arise.

For the needy will not always be forgotten, nor the hope of the afflicted perish forever (Psalm 9:18). For a day of vengeance is in His heart, and He, the helper of the orphan, the One who vindicates the weak and the fatherless, who rescues the afflicted and the destitute, will faithfully bring justice. The Spirit of the Lord God is upon Him, and He will bind up the brokenhearted, He will bring good news to the afflicted, and He will proclaim liberty to the captives. This is true comfort and hope to those who mourn.

Yet now, in this age of waiting, as we look for the Blessed Hope who is to come, may we the Church be carriers and glimpses of this great hope for which we wait – bringing hope in part, while we wait in expectation for the full. Bringing tangible answers to the longings that suffocate beneath growing despair and hopelessness. For the Lord loves justice, and may He find friends among us who will enter into the zeal of His heart and partner with Him for the cause of the oppressed.

As we cry out for their vindication, may God give us the grace to be answers to our own prayers—God, do it through me. Use me to bind up the broken-hearted. Use me to set the captives free. Use me to set the lonely into families. Use me to bring justice to the afflicted.

Let us be the foretaste of a greater hope, giving to the hopeless ones that which points to the fullness we long for and is soon coming.

Come, Lord Jesus, our Living Hope.


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