From a Brothel to a Mansion
By Guest Author on January 29th, 2013

I don’t think anything could have prepared me to see sex trafficking in southeast Asia. I felt sick as I watched white-haired foreign men go about the city holding the hands of young Thai girls. I saw old men at bars buying drinks for teenage boys, and Thai girls outside nightclubs with vacant, apathetic eyes.

It was painful to watch, being powerless to do anything to stop it. I could only pray for deliverance, pray for corruption in law enforcement to end so that these men could be arrested—pray for the hearts of the fathers to turn to their children so trafficking will finally end.

In the midst of darkness, Jesus reminded me that we have a powerful King who sets the captives free, who acts on behalf of the oppressed. He wants us to partner with Him: the Father to the fatherless, the one who brings Justice for the oppressed. How His heart aches for each child who suffers from the pain of abuse and wickedness!

God sets the lonely in familiesHe leads out the prisoners with singing. (Ps. 68:6, NIV)

The Lord restored my hope before I left Thailand. I saw Him working in powerful ways across the Body of Christ and through our host ministry, Ezekiel Rain. Members of this ministry have been faithfully crying out to the Lord for children to be set free from trafficking in Thailand for years. Our team was able to witness these prayers being answered. We were honored to stand with them in dedicating their safe house and meeting their first rescued child.

Ezekiel Rain’s safe house has a little prayer room right next to it. It stands among the rice fields and mountains and endless sky, a breathtaking view to behold. The idea for the safe home started as a dream in the heart of Derek Loux, founder of OJC, who heard the Lord whisper, “It will start in Thailand.” Now it has started there, and we pray it will spread to the ends of the earth! Children can be rescued and brought into families with the spirit of adoption.

I met their first boy who was rescued from the hands of evil men. I had to look away at first so he would not see my tears. How beautiful is his life! How deep is the Father’s love for this boy. My heart moved as I watched him worship, painted with him, and saw him bond with his new house dad—his new father figure. Love poured out, and love was received.

Our Abba is Father to the fatherless. He heals the deepest wounds, the most broken hearts. He takes a child out of a home meant for evil and places in a home full of beauty and love.

My Father’s house has many rooms; if that were not so, would I have told you that I am going there to prepare a place for you? (John 14:2, NIV)

For security purposes, this photo is not of Ezekiel Rain’s actual safe house.

– Bethany Hackmann

Bethany Hackmann is an artist and missionary at the International House. She works with foster and adoptive children. She has a desire to see the Church care for orphans and end fatherlessness in the nations.


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