OJC February Prayer Focus: Morocco
By Guest Author on February 7th, 2013

This month we’re praying for the fatherless in Morocco every Friday at 6:00am in the International House of Prayer Global Prayer Room. Join with us in prayer, lifting these children before the throne. Watch the webstream »

Because Morocco is an Islamic nation, its people lack a knowledge of God as the Father to His family. Many men leave their families, and domestic violence and abuse is very common in all forms (physical, emotional, verbal, and sexual). There are an estimated tens of thousands of street children who leave their homes, either because there are too many children at home already, because of neglect, or because they can’t cope with their living situations. They work as shoe shiners, cigarette sellers, construction workers, or in other jobs. Most can be found in workplace environments that are very dangerous and unhealthy for children. They become addicted to smoking and sniffing glue or paint thinner at young ages.

About 30 percent of Morocco’s population is under the age of 14, and one out of every 50 babies born in Morocco are left in hospitals. In the year 2008 alone, there were approximately 6,480 babies abandoned at birth. There are 650,000 orphans in Morocco right now.

Because adoption is not popular in Muslim nations, and because no one can legally adopt children from Morocco unless they are Muslim, children left in the hospitals often stay there up to a year, living in cribs and being fed watered-down formula. These hospitals may have two or three caregivers for a room of over 100 children. Government-run orphanages are understaffed and are usually run by people who often take the government money meant for the children.

Every day, 153 illegitimate children are born across the country, and 24 of those babies are abandoned right after birth. Girls left in the hospitals are often taken by traffickers who sell them to families to become household slaves for the rest of their lives. These girls are raped, abused, overworked, unloved, and are unable to leave those families. Because of the traffickers, there are no baby girls available for adoption in Morocco. There are also five cities in Morocco that are well-known for child prostitution.

Moroccans are also fighting to change laws so that abortion will be legalized.

Please Pray:

  • Malachi 4:5–6: For the Spirit of adoption to fill that country, that fathers would love their children, and children would love their fathers.
  • Ephesians 1:17–19: For revelation of the Father’s heart to flood that nation, that they would know God the Father and who they are as sons and daughters.
  • Isa. 63:15–16; 64:1–7: For justice to come to the fatherless, and for people to stand up and fight for the cause of the orphan.

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– Baylea Osborn

Baylea Osborn serves with the Orphan Justice Center, and she spent sic years living in Morocco. 


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