Putting Feet to Your Passion
By Guest Author on March 4th, 2013

Passion is a force that drives people to extremes. It is something that is stirred by the world around us and arises out of intimacy with our Creator. What do we do when the heart of God moves us to deeply care about the dying, the broken, the abused? Is it enough to be appalled by darkness and concerned about the broken? With radio stations announcing new abolition organizations and charities each month, we may feel overwhelmed by a desire to serve but not know how to get started. What happens when we stop long enough to pray for these precious ones—when we ask God for a plan, wait for an answer, and believe His voice? Can we trust that the God who stirs our passion is the same One who will help us put feet and hands to the plow?

The Lord is moving in the midst of the destructive forces of sin, and His love demands action on the part of His saints.

I have come across individuals and couples who knew they were meant to restore orphans and were waiting for “the call.” And they waited years—decades—feeling it would come, and all that time not realizing that the passion and desire to act was their call. The Lord stirred their hearts with a vision, gave them drive to be equipped—but then something happened. They stopped asking God if it was time to go and waited for more opportune moments to move. As a result, many felt that the desire was simply their own, and that God had not called them into ministry. In seeing and hearing these stories, I am compelled to ask God to keep me from being another saint who fails to put feet to passion, His passion. How easy it is for loving, well-meaning believers to misinterpret the Lord’s invitations. Some grow weary while waiting, others are afraid to walk until the turbulent waters have stilled, and still more never trust that it is God’s voice they’re hearing. Trust is crucial to every part of the Great Commission, and ministering to the orphan is no exception. If we are to be effective in this work, I believe there are three things we must do:

  • Discover the call of the Lord on our lives. What is the Lord stirring you to do? He made you for a purpose and desired for that purpose to be fulfilled through you. Listen to the Holy Spirit who dwells inside of you; recognize His leadership and ask Him to confirm to you that what you are feeling is from Him. God may confirm His Word through dreams, exhortation from other believers, Scripture that the Spirit highlights, or the prayerful agreement of your spiritual leaders. What God has for you may seem extremely common, or it might not look like anything you or others have seen before. Either way, it is important to recognize God’s voice and be confident in what the Lord is asking of you.
  • Say yes to the plan, no matter what it looks like. God must be the leader. You are His friend, doing His work for His Kingdom to be manifested on the earth. As your Shepherd, God may ask you to take initiative and step out in faith, but He is still the One leading the way. Follow His voice and remain in agreement along the way. It is important to do this God’s way. Sometimes what seems best to man is the opposite of God’s plan, so abide in the Lord and trust that He knows the best way to get results.
  • Ask for grace to complete your part of the plan. When God supplies the vision, He will most certainly supply the means to walk it out. Ask the Lord to help you stay focused and trust Him along the way. The Bible says that our journey will not be easy, but that the victory has already been claimed by Jesus. Don’t give in to discouragement. Ask God to strengthen you with might by His Spirit dwelling inside of you and then finish the race marked out for you.

Let us be those who are tuned into the heart of God, running the race with the Lord by our side. The resources to complete His commission are there and growing in number. Let us ask God to open the doors we are to walk through, close the doors that are wrong, and give us boldness to believe that we are sent with His blessing to restore the least of these.

–  Jaime M.


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