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By Guest Author on May 9th, 2013

OJC’s mentoring initiative, Adventures for the Magnanimous (AFM) has been helping boys since it started in 2011. This mentoring initiative was created in partnership with a ministry to single mothers called Mountain of Myrrh, which is a faith-based organization supporting single mothers and their children. Over time, a group developed consisting of the boys in the single-mother families and the godly men volunteering to offer mentorship. AFM’s relational-building events help foster these mentorship opportunities: canoe trips, hiking, paint ball, community service volunteering, and other positive endeavors. Soon they will engage in their biggest event to date: a six-day backpacking trip in the San Juan Mountains of southwestern Colorado.

The purpose of this backpacking trip is to provide a context for the enrichment of these mentoring relationships through an adventure taken together. With a seasoned back-packing outfitter navigating the paths, we believe this trip will not only strengthen relationships with godly mentors, but each individual teen will also grow in their leadership capabilities and problem-solving skills, and they come away with a greater understanding and appreciation for our natural environment and beautiful country.

This amazing group of six young men ages 13–17, all from single-mother homes, are dedicating themselves to working together as a team to raise support to go on this journey in June 2013. These self-proclaimed “courageous adventurers” have defined themselves as “a group of boys running together in the journey of life alongside men who are showing them the way to true masculinity.”

As a team, they are committing themselves to set aside several hours every Saturday to raise funds. Whether by doing yard work for a neighbor or tree and brush removal with their mentors, these youth are committed to doing what it takes to make the money they need for the trip. They have also been doing physical training to prepare for the rigors of the mountain trek. Some of the boys go to local gyms to work out and condition their bodies to carry a fully-loaded backpack that will be filled gear and food to last several days in the mountains.

One important aspect of AFM is that it helps young men in at-risk families to learn about their identity as men. This month, we meet each week to work through a powerful book, Fathered by God, by John Eldridge. We are learning together that God delights in His children, and that because He is a good Father, He is the one that who will speak life over us. The boys are learning how to grow in their true masculine identity in Christ.

Please consider partnering with these hard-working young men who desire to participate in this life-changing trip.

So far, the boys have raised a total of $1,250 for the trip, but for all the boys to go, they are going to need a total of $4,000 by May 31 to cover the costs of the professional mountain backpacking outfitter (our guide), travel expenses, food, camping gear (such as proficient footwear and a warm sleeping bag), a medical exam, and other important items.

Below, you will find a link that will take you to out Paypal account, where funds will go directly to the boys for this trip. Thank you for considering investing into the lives of these amazing boys!

–Peter Kiiskilla


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