Video Update – Helping Homeless Families in Crisis
By on September 12th, 2013

I got a call a couple of weeks ago from a mom w/ 5 kids who was sitting on the curb in front of a hotel, homeless. My heart broke for this family and didn’t quite know what to say to her. I started with praying for her and said we may have a family or two that might be able to help, yet thinking to myself 5 kids will be very hard for one of our host families to help.

When I began calling our families I was extremely excited when one of our Safe Families said yes, we will take all five kids! I was blown away and was able to call that mom back and go meet with her with an option to help her.

Please continue to keep this family in your prayers as it’s still a work in progress, but I am just so thankful for the love and compassion that is shown through a simple “yes” as these host families continue to reach out to care for children and establish relationships with moms in crisis.

Adam ParkerAdam Parker, Director of Safe Families – Adam and his wife Stephanie are full-time missionaries and have 7 children, 3 by adoption and 4 biological. Adam has been a foster parent for several years in Kansas City, has been a part of Orphan Justice Center since it’s inception, is a part of the Jackson County Prevention & Permanency Committee, helped launch the Topeka Safe Families for Children in 2013 and is the Director of Safe Families for Children in Kansas City since 2011.


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