Video Update – OJC helps girl at risk of Sex Trafficking
By on September 18th, 2013

We got a call from an anti-trafficking organization. They had rescued this young lady who was 18 years old out of a laundry mat. They were calling and asking if we had a Safe Family that would be able to host this young one while they would continue to work with her, provide therapy and such and eventually help to relocate her to somewhere a little further away.

So we called around to our amazing Host Families and were able to find a couple who would be happy to take her and so we all made the arrangements to make that happen. Diane Campbell, our family coach supervisor, talked with the host mom about a week after she had been with them and she said things were going great and she had just adjusted and was doing so well. “The great thing is that we got to be a part of that rescue, we got to run with Jesus and help this girl out of the rubbish heap of her life and to help her to move on to greater things.” – Diane Campbell.

Adam ParkerAdam ParkerDirector of Safe Families – Adam and his wife Stephanie are full-time missionaries and have 7 children, 3 by adoption and 4 biological. Adam has been a foster parent for several years in Kansas City, has been a part of Orphan Justice Center since it’s inception, is a part of the Jackson County Prevention & Permanency Committee, helped launch the Topeka Safe Families for Children in 2013 and is the Director of Safe Families for Children in Kansas City since 2011.


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