Diane Mattione

Diane Mattione

In 2007 God spoke a clear message to Diane regarding those in the Special Needs Community. “In His Presence they are whole”. Since that time God has been birthing in her a passion, to see those in the special needs community brought into His presence. King’s Table was birthed in 2012 when three families gathered together who all studied 2 Samuel 9. In this chapter, David searches out relatives of his beloved friend Jonathan. Mehpibosheth, Jonathan’s son, is found. He is lame in both feet. King David invites Mehpibosheth to dine at the Kings Table. Then he restores the land of his father to him and provides workers to do the things he cannot do for himself. Mephipibosheth is shocked. He has accepted the fact that because he is lame he will be treated lower than the dogs. But David restores his dignity, his place at the table, and provides for him income and workers. We all felt this was a prophetic picture of how the church was to embrace those in our community with special needs. First – bring them to the King’s Table. Then restore their dignity with knowledge of who they are in Christ. Restore their dignity by giving them a place to belong and serve. Kings Table is a class for adults with special needs. Our vision is to restore individuals to wholeness in Christ through prayer, bible study and life skill classes.

Diane also serves as the OJC Special Needs Resource contact. In addition she leads the Special Needs Task Force at IHOPKC, special needs prayer group, co-leads a friendship group for families with special needs, and belong to a ministry alliance of 40 churches with special needs ministries. As we wrap around families, give them needed support, we open up the opportunity for the gospel to touch each family member in a profound way. It is Diane’s hope that these efforts will reduce the number of families impacted negatively by their situation.

As a missionary, Diane cannot give herself to this work full-time without the faithful giving of our partners. Together we can seek to restore the Father’s heart to those who have disabilities. Thank you for partnering with Diane to reach these ones with the Father’s love!

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