The Loux Family

Derek and Renee

Derek and Renee Loux were married in 1992. Renee grew up on the mission field in the Pacific islands and Derek grew up in a traveling ministry with his family.

In 1994 their first child, “Josiah” was born with severe Spina Bifida. Living only 2-1/2 yrs, Josiah died in June of 1996. The years that followed were years of heartache, brokenness, and finally restoration. Their daughter Sophia was born in 1997, Michaela was born in 2000 and in 2001 Derek and Renee began the Indianapolis House of Prayer.

Stirred by the Lord in prayer, and burdened to live out true religion, Derek and Renee adopted twin girls, “Teyolla” and “Keyolla” from the Marshall Islands in 2002. Seeing the effective restoration of their daughters as a result of being immersed in a community of daily worship, scripture meditation, and prayer; a vision to restore many orphans through adoption and intense discipleship was birthed in their hearts. Since then, they have welcomed 9 more children from around the world into their home.

Renee & Tribe Derek was killed in a tragic car accident, early morning, December 23, 2009. Derek was the inspiration for both the Josiah Fund and the Orphan Justice Center.  Renee’ continues the work that she and Derek started to speak for the vulnerable and to care for the orphan.

You can find more information about the Loux family at their website

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