Tim Osborn

Tim and Jayme Osborn FamilyTim and his wife, Jayme, started working with OJC in November of 2012, but they have long been actively involved in caring for the fatherless for years. They currently have 9 children, 4 of which are grown, and 8 grandchildren.

When their seventh child was born with Down Syndrome, they suddenly became aware of the thousands of special needs children being abandoned or aborted around the world because of their disabilities. This has motivated them to do whatever they can to rescue, adopt, and restore this generation of children with special needs. In March of 2016 they adopted two children from Asia. A little boy with Down Syndrome and a little girl who also has special needs. Read more about this at their blog: timandjayme.wordpress.com

If you would like to join hands with the Osborn Family and financially support their work with OJC,  you may do so by using the form below.

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