Bringing Children Home

The Orphan Justice League is a united force standing for justice. Together, we help fund the adoption of families highlighted by the Orphan Justice Center.

As an Orphan Justice Leaguer….
*We “assemble” in prayer around a highlighted family and their adoption.

*We help carry the adoption to completion by each committing to give at least $15/month.

*We rescue lives one by one and uphold the banner of justice.

Your gifts will directly fund the adoption of a home-study/dossier approved family. What can you give up to rescue a life? A movie and popcorn, a spontaneous trip to the store, three special coffees? Let’s get creative and join with Jesus in the fight against injustice! We are the Orphan Justice League…calling in the troops!

Meet the Novak Family:


The Novak Family

Brandon and Heather Novak have been married for 15 years and have chosen to build their family through adoption. They adopted their oldest child, a son, from Peru in 2009 when he was 5 years old. Their daughter came to them in 2011 when she was just over a year old.  The family just returned from Colombia with their third child, Maikol, who is now 2 years old. Here is their story:

“When we were ready to start our third adoption process, we wanted to go back to South America, where our two older children are from. We were told that those programs were not an option for us at that time, as we wanted to maintain birth order and our youngest was only 4 at the time. We decided to try domestic adoption this time around, but after two years we hadn’t been matched with a birth family. When we got a call from our agency asking if we would be interested in starting all over so we could get into the Colombia program, we jumped at the chance because our hearts just felt like our third child was waiting for us there. Just 5 months after that phone call, we got a call from our social worker that there was an 18 month old little boy who would be ours. We worked for 9 more months to get everything submitted so that we could travel and finalize his adoption. We just returned home last Friday and are so grateful to be a family of five!”

Thank you for partnering with the Orphan Justice Center and OJL to bring sons and daughters home! Your monthly gifts are making a world of difference in the lives of orphaned children.

“I wanted something to live and die for. I wanted something to breathe and to bleed for. I’m not interested in trying to figure out ways to make my life safe and preserve my comfort.”

– Derek Loux

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