Take Action

Pray for Orphans and Adoptive/Foster Families

When you pray for orphans and for families who are adopting, you are partnering with God’s heart in such an incredible way. In Luke 18 Jesus says that those who cry out night and day will have “speedy justice.”

Give Finances to Adoptive Families

Adoptions range from $7,000 – $30,000 or more so it really does take a community to rescue a life. We are among many who are CURRENTLY RAISING FUNDS for Adoption and you may know some who are in that stage as well. Connect with them. Any gift from five dollars to thousands will be so very meaningful to them and impact a real life.

Adopt or Get Foster Care Certified

Adoption changes the life of a child forever. There are 128,000 children in the U.S. Foster Care system just waiting to be adopted. There are millions more internationally.

Give Your Time to Help an Adoptive Family

Giving time and energy to care for a child can change their life forever. You may have an organization that does this in through mentoring or big brother / big sister programs, or you may know families and be able to come over and help in a regular way. Either way, a couple hours a week can make a huge impact.

Volunteer to Mow an Adoptive Family’s Lawn

Don’t want to bother with an organization? Get involved yourself. Ask if you can mow a lawn, wash a car or help with a household project they are working on. Any amount of help you can give will go a long way for families who have adopted.

Ask Your Church to get involved with the Justice Movement…

Your church may already have adoption support on their radar, but if they don’t you can suggest it as a mission project! Saving the life of an orphan from an abusive, neglectful or abandoned situation will change their life forever. What better ongoing mission project than to get to the end of the year knowing your church has rescued orphans!

Become an OJC Partner

Join with us by praying for our organization and for the individual children and families we represent, and by giving resources to help fund the adoption revolution. Click here to become an OJC Partner.

Spread the Word

There are 163 million orphans. Be a voice for the voiceless. The adoption revolution is made up of revolutionaries who will use every avenue they have to tell people about the crisis of orphans and what they can do about it.

  • Blog about orphans, adoption and the crisis or promote a blog or article on facebook / twitter.
  • Make a youtube video that goes viral.
  • Promote Orphan Sunday in your church (November)
  • Tell people about the crisis.

Do Something

None of these fit? Email us at joinus@orphanjusticecenter.com and we can help you find where caring for orphans can fit into your life.

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